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LG - Cell Phone

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The LG VX8360 is a Great Basic Cell Phone


I have had the LG VX8360 cell phone through Verizon Wireless for a while now, and I am very happy with it overall.  All I was really looking for was a basic cell phone that can make and receive calls and that has a calendar and an alarm on it, but for those of you looking for more this phone has a lot of other features.  It can connect to the internet, send and receive text messages, take pictures, etc.  It obviously doesn't do as much as some of the fancier models or a smart phone, but I honestly don't need all of that.  I really like the speaker phone feature, and this phone also has an easy tip calculator feature.  That has come in handy at many restaurants.  I only have a couple complaints about this phone.  I feel like it takes a few too many steps to set up the alarm on the phone.  My old phone could have the alarm set up with just a few buttons being pushed, but this one takes several steps to set it up.  I also don't care for the type of connection it has to the charging cord.  It's so small that it's a little bit difficult to plug in.  My previous phones had a much better connection that just took a quick push to snap the cord into the phone.  Other than that, I think this is a great phone if you just want something fairly basic.

Renton, WA


LG VX8360, good for nothing


This isn't the worst cell phone ever. It is not a dinosaur, but soon enough it will be considered a dinosaur. The camera on this phone is horrible. It will randomly show the colors inverted, but not exactly. This phone likes to freeze up at times and the only thing you can do about it is to take out the battery. It has, what seems to me, a short battery life. If you do not use a phone much, it should last longer than a day without charging in my mind. This phone does not. I have had problems with the battery display randomly switching power bars. It was just at two bars and then suddenly it was at three bars of power...never had a cell phone do this before now. Maybe that's just my lick, maybe others will not really have this problem. I don't know. I have also had problems with it sending text messages, but that is probaby due to the service provider more than anything else. There is one great thing about this phone. I have dropped and thrown this phone and it has lasted awhile without breaking though it will.

South Fulton, TN


VX8360 verizon phone works well, and lasts.


While I've had some problems with Verizon in the past, I switched back recently due to problems with my other provider. The phone I purchased with my new plan has worked just fine. Although I've had some problems with dropped calls, I believe this is due more to the signal and coverage area than any problems with the phone itself. My only problem with the phone itself is that sometimes when I take it out of my pocket, it has logged on to the internet. I haven't quite pinned down what is getting pressed when it's in my pocket that causes the problem, but I've had to call and have charges removed from my bill because of it. It's also turned on my camera and taken multiple pictures of the inside of my pocket for some reason, but I don't find that to be as big of an inconvenience. The inside screen is large and easy to see, no problems with the buttons on the inside of the phone, or with any connections. Overall, in my experience, a durable phone.

Castle Rock, CO


The LG VX8360 is a great low priced phone with high guality.


The Lg VX8360 is, in my opinion, a great phone. I've always been fond of LG and have always stuck with them. It has a lot of features including a calculator, world clock, tip calculator, three separate alarms that you can program independantly and voice commands. It supports USB and and micro SD storage and there a package you can buy at any Verizon store to transfer your mp3's from computer to phone and back. It has great music sound qualities and you can operate the mp3 player without opening the phone via controls on front of flip cover. The camera has several settings and can also record video. Easy accessability to the microSD card and head phone jack. A fully charged battery lasts about a day with texting, talking and occasional internet use. I have had mine going on two years now and haven't had any problems with it. Everything works just as good as the day I got it and when I get another it will also be an LG. I was offered this phone when Unicel changed to Verizon and have enjoyed it ever since.

Eupora, MS


LG phones are great!


I recently updated from my old LG phone to my new one. I loved by old LG. I believe that LG has a dependable line of phones (as well as other items) on the market. It is easy to operate and to setting up my phone list was a cinch. I like how I have different menu options to choose from.  The camera works pretty good, although I haven't uploaded any of the photos I've taken yet, they seem to be really clear.  The video recoreder also works amazing. And the sound that the video recorder picks up is suprisingly clear. I like the flip open to answer.  The ability to make the test larger on the screen, although not appealing to me, might be to someone who is visually challenged.  This LG phone is also has the Bluetooth feature, which I am considering purchasing, so that I can drive and talk hands free in my car.  There are two downsides to this phone that I have found so far-one, the camera button turns on too easily, which sometimes it does while in my pocket, making the battery run down, and two when I'm texting, the buttons at the bottom are such that I frequently hit the number 9 (or wxyz) when i meant to hit the pound key to make a space. Other than that, I really believe LG has a great product line.

Orion, IL


If you care about your cell phone happiness, pay for the upgrade


I hate this phone.  It was puchased by my new employer for me, so I had no input into what phone I was getting.  It lacks a good interface with any computer, rendering the calendar and contact lists mostly useless. I am not a fan of texting without a full keyboard and work with junior and senior high students, so texting is a constant part of my life.  The speakerphone is not loud enough to be clearly heard, and distorts so that it can be hard to understand people on the other end of the call.  The camera is not bad as far as a cheap phone goes, but it requires a program from Verizon to be plugged into my computer or add songs, which would sound badly, anyway. For a "free with your ___ year service contract phone", it is just fine, I guess.  It makes calls and recieves them and has a camera in it.  But in this age of 3g and 4g networks, pay for the upgrade or be willing to use a phone that is just a phone and really nothing else until your contract changes.

South Hutchinson, KS


The LG VX8360 is the phone to have for low to mid techy folks.


I do not do texting or sending pics.  I don't browse the web or watch TV on my phone.  This phone has all these fetures and I am told by friends that it does it very well.  I am here to tell you that the LG VX8360 is a great phone to buy even if all you do is call people and play a few games on it while waiting at the Dr.s... The camera takes suprizingly clear pics and there are many options (with or without flash or night to name two) to choose from to optimize the picture.  When you have taken the pic you have options to edit it to suit your taste.  I have made some great screen savers this way. The sound quality and range are great.  I have yet to experience a drop zone anywhere in my 5 state area. It is also comfortable to hold. The graphics are clear when gaming on phone.  There are many to choose from.  sound and color are very nice. I also play music that I have downloaded on my phone.  It was very easy to do with the sound card and adapter I bought with my phone.  I have a 2 gig card will most of my pics and music (82 songs at last count) on that is no where near capacity. I love my LG phone and reccommend it!  

Cannon Falls, MN


LG - Cell Phone

3.3 7