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LG - Cell Phone

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Love LG- just not this one.(lg ax5000)


I got my lg 5000 with contract renewal. Have always loved my lg phones,(esp. 8600)Problem is.I feel this phone doesn't have very good earpiece volume, also keypad buttons are so small & rounded that texting is some what difficult. Other wise like the phone. Will stay with LG phones in the future, as I have never had problems before,& they are sturdy phones.

Aberdeen, SD


LG AX5000 great buy


I recently bought this phone for my husband who is a truck driver & is not up to date with technoligy, however he has no problem with this phone it is very easy to use, as well as durable! It is compact, as he wanted to stay with the flip phone but have some capablity for use with the internet he has learned more from his phone then the home pc! This is a great buy for the people who are computer challenged. The only thing is the screen could be bigger other than that it's easy to use!

Half Way, MO


Years of excellent service


    LG is an efficient phone, not complicated to use. It is a good reasonable buy, does not have many fancy gadgets, but the camera and video work well.  The viewing screen is small, but very handy for a good work phone.  Battery lasts long and charges easily.  Good sound quality, good for people who like a phone without much fuss.  A common sense phone for people with common sense!

Clarendon, TX


LG AX5000 stands the test of time


I bought my my LG AX5000 a little more than 2 years ago and have been very satisfied with with. At the time of purchase it wasn't the most decked out phone, but it wasn't at the bottom of the barrel either. It is a solid middle of the ground phone. The LG AX5000 is a flip phone complete with on board camera. One thing I found interesting was a flash featured on the flip phone. Actually, the flash performs rather poorly as a flash as it is so bright it blinds the image rather than brighten it. However, I've found it performs as an excellent flash light and can't count how many times it has been useful in this function. The only things that I don't particulary like about this phone is the only color option being red and the few amount of text messages it's capable of storing. Although I don't particular mind the color red, I found it peculiar that bright red be the only offered color and would have preferred more options. Also, the phone can only store 50 incoming messages and 50 outgoing messages for a total of 100. While this may have been plenty enough space 2 years ago when the phone was introduced, I find myself constantly deleting text messages as I am an avid texter. However those are my only two faults with this phone and I must point out that I am still using the factory battery and still enjoy very favorable battery life, regulary going many days between charges. All in all the LG AX5000 is a very durable phone with all the features to keep the average needs of a moderate cell phone user very happy.

Baton Rouge, LA


Life IS good with this little red LG...


My husband and I got these phones a while back when we renewed our contract with our cell phone company, Alltel. At that time there was a sale on them for buy one get one free. We decided we liked all the features and especially liked the LG brand, so we choose this phone. It was important to me to have a camera phone and it was important to my husband to have a phone to access the Internet. We both wanted to stay in the flip phone family, which we had always had. This phone suited both of us well. Not to mention the color red appealed to me so much.  We love our LG ax5000. It is a great phone with a lot of side kicks. Some of my favorite features are downloading new ring tones, taking pictures, Internet, text msgs and the speaker phone. I love pressing one button and I have the speaker phone on. This phone is so user friendly. We have never had any trouble with either of our phones. If and when we do have to replace will defiantly be with an LG brand phone.

Goldsboro, NC


LG - Cell Phone

4.2 5