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LG - Cell Phone

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Decent phone, good battery life most of the time


This phone is great except when it comes to the battery power if in a low service area for an extended time. The last lg I had would go into power save mode if it couldn't find a strong enough signal, there for my battery power would remain high. Recently I have found that this phone just keeps searching for a signal, majorly eating up my battery power.

Manassas, VA


This phone has become one of my appendages, like a finger.


I really love this phone and I use it constantly.  It has the "Get It Now" feature and I have downloaded the GPS system.  It has made the phone something that I rely on a minute-by-minute basis.  I would particularly recommend this phone for women, especially if you are often out and about by yourself.  I am also a new grandmother and have used the picture-taking property of the phone to take cute pictures of my granddaughter.  The flip-open keyboard allows me to easily send text messages when I do not want to be engaged in verbal telephone call.  The only drawback (for me) is the many other features on the phone that I just don't use.  I am not that "techno-savy" so I feel that this may be a waste.  All-in-all, though, this is a great phone!

Oxon Hill, MD


LG is a product of clear screen vision w/ great color .


I like to use all LG products that verizon sells. I use my phone to text message, photos, music, talk. Iv dropped, scratched, banged and covered my phone in glue. Every now and then I seem to get calls from people that I dont want to talk to but verizon will call me to let me know that my bill is due or overdue which is great for those busy times that I forget to just pay my bill. Now thats my review for LG verizon wireless.

Grand Rapids, MI


i am not at all impressed with the quality of the LG


I have had my LG 6000 for a couple of years now.  The first one I had the small feet that hold the battery in broke and i had to tape the battery on.  When the tape was no longer working I got a replacement phone. The second LG 6000 sometimes does not ring.  It also has issues with the sound quality.  My contract expires this December and I plan to get a new phone then!!

Graham, WA


Basic and simple cell phone that lasts and lasts!


My husband, then boyfriend, thought my next birthday present was my LG cell phone.  I had just switched service because my other cell phone was no longer working: too small and easy to break. I switched to Verizon Wireless because I can talk for free with my husband.He purchased this LG phone and over 4 years ago and it still runs fine!  It's so durable.  I've dropped it so many times, and so has he.  And it keeps working!  I believe it was one of the first with Verizon to have a camera phone.  They discontinued it right away because the newer LG models came out.  I was disappointed to find out this one was no longer being sold by Verizon because I wanted to get one for my sister, who loved the features of my phone.The only thing I wish I had on my cell phone is a speaker so that I don't have to have it in my hand, especially if I'm on the road or on the computer needing to talk to someone at the same time. 

Apple Valley, CA


Beem me up scotty!


This phone looks like it should beam me to another word with the push of a button. And by world I mean a gay dance club wear all the men are wearing buttless chaps and sharing lip gloss. It is a flip phone which is nice, however I'm to embarrased to flip it open, due to the fact that I don't want to be gay bashed by a bunch of bald white supremists! The camera on this phone does take good pictures though. If you want to understand what it is like to need glasses!

Walla Walla, WA


Great but could be better!


This phone is great in so many ways but just not cool these days it is so weird compared to the newer looking phones!!! I am  a teen so maybe my opinion is wrong compared to those of you who have had this phone forever the camera and other features are cool but old looking!! I have enjoyed this phone but am looking forward to getting a new one when my plan runs out!!! The features are awesome like the frames and color affects but just old fashioned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Macon, GA




I loved the look of the phone, the slide feature of the phone was a huge draw, guessI liked being "cool" even at the tender age of 49.  The idea of having a MP3 player was neat so I could take my daily walks and have something to listen to.  The phone seemed like it was all I could want and  more. From day one I could not get use to waiting until the lights went off before I could put it in my purse or pocket or even the holder it came with so I could attach it to my jeans.  As long as the lights were on, anything you touched activated the phone to do somehting.  I can't tell you how many times my phone called people and I never knew it.  There were times it would call them several times repeatedly.  NOT COOL !!! The touch screen was extremely sensitive even when the dial was set to the least sensitive.  I had a terrible time trying to get where I wanted to go. It really was meant for the much younger crowd,  I feel I am up on the "techie" stuff pretty well and this just gave me fits!! My fingers are not large or crippled with arthritis, I just had a very difficult time with the pressure sensitive dial. Last, but not least, I feel I must mention that the MP3 player wiped itself out and no longer works,  I  had over 100 songs downloaded, which was a bit of work for me, and now they are gone and the MP3 player will allow new downloads but will not play them. I am going to stick with a nice good camera phone with no fancy smancy things in the future.

Elyria, OH


LG - Cell Phone

3.3 8