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LG - Cell Phone

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This phone is wonderful for all the basic features.


The LG VX3200 is a wonderful cell phone for users that want to do basic phone calling and calendar reminders. It will store up to 200 phone numbers and will also support 200 speed dial numbers. It is very easy to use and I wouldn't want anything more complex because the more features that a cell phone has usually means it may drain the battery faster.

Huntington, IN


This phone is the definition of adequate.


This phone doesn't have the thrills and sleek designs of newer phones. But it gets the job done. The easy interface allows for calling and texting to be a snap. The antenna is strong and calls are rarely dropped. However, there is no camera and the tools on the phone are not great.

Woodridge, IL


could probably get more features for the money then this one


i just bought the lg flip phone and if i was to buy another cell phone i would check out all the features first, i believe i could have bought one with more features for the same amount of money or a little more, it does not have any games on it and the wall paper is very limited,

Toledo, OH


phone good , service not so good


   I've been using the LG vx3200 phone for about two years now , and I've found that the phone itself is not too bad . It has all of the standard features for a modern day cell phone except for one that I really liked in my previous phone . I can not save myself any voice memos . I use the verizon network with it , and I've found that verizon works pretty well inside most large city limits , but once you get outside of a larger city , the service degrades considerably . even when you are on a main interstate highway system , the service is spotty . It is bluetooth compatible , which comes in very handy when I am on the road , which is most of the time . my job entails driving the whole states of Michigan and Indiana , and also northwest Ohio . The service I have with verizon allows me to use the phone without any long distance or roaming charges , which is convenent , but with the sporadic availibility of service , as I say , good phone , not so good service .

Marlette, MI


Best Phone for Us


This phone was perfect for my husband and me. Neither of us are "texters" and pretty much only use the phone for what phones were originally designed for... talking. Though we do frequent the phone's calculator, and the Tip Calculator really came in handy. The "voice record" was also a great thing to have when you didn't have a pen handy. It was an awesome little phone.

Orange, TX




I had mine for 3 years and only gave it up because I switched cell phone companies and a new LG came with the plan.  I never had any technical problems with this phone, even though it had been dropped a few times.  I watched my friends and family replace their phones at least twice while my trusty LG continued on.  There aren't many choices for ring tones but I didn't really need that many anyway.  Simple and efficient piece of equipment.  I found additional cheap batteries on  The voice quality was excellent and the flip phone size is very convenient.  It had the convenience of extra tools such as alarm clock, calculator and tip calculator.

Fargo, ND


LG - Cell Phone

4.0 6