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LG - Cell Phone

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Cute, but not all that I expected.


This phone really caught my eye with the cute color..but I didnt pay attention to the details like I should have..cant put music on doesnt have much memory when it comes to storing lots of pictures..and the camera isnt all that great on it either..on two occassions..the buttons have quit working..and I had to restart my phone to get all my functions back..the only thing it has going for it is the look..small and cute..

Jesup, GA


good phone


this is a great phone for any girl..its PINK what more could you ask for? it has excellent signal, easy to learn your way around..unlike most phones you have to search and search for what your looking for. cheap price not cheap made. i havent had any problems with it so far. dont really like the ringtones that come with it but the pictures are kinda cool.

Homerville, GA


A good phone has all the basic needs for a cell phone plus more.


This phone is a good phone. Has great signal when other phones won't have bars this one will. Has a loud speakerphone.  Battery life is good at first but goes down quickly. I've only had the phone a month when i first got it the battery lasted several days without needing to be charged now I need to make sure and charge the phone every night. The phone is a bit confusing and the ring tones included are pretty cool the design is pretty cool all in all a good phone that is easy to use. It also has a camera although I have never used it. A good buy expecially since Alltel offered it as a free phone with new service.

Painesville, OH


Great phone without having to take classes to learn how to use!


I have had this my LG phone for over 2 years now and it is not the best of the best. It is howevr perfect for what I need it for. I make and recieve an enormous amount of calls both personal an business. I also have learned to text because my kids think it is easier to text then to make a phone call. I don't understand that logic. But, I do text on a daily basis. This phone also has a camera on the phone. Which  I Love because I have 3 beautiful little dogs. So I am always taking pictures of them. It does have a large storage for the pictures but when I do run out of room I can always send the pictures from my phone to my email. Ican leave memos  on my phone to go back and get later. I use my phone as my calender to keep up with appontments. I also use my phne as an alarm clock. It has a calculater that you can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Which that is all I need it for. It also has a tip calculater on the phone and you can chage the percentage of what you want the tip to be. This phone does it all. If I want to go online or anything else like that I get my computer.

Siler City, NC


I hate this phone


I hate this phone.  It is one of the LG flip phones that come in pink and silver.  I have the pink one.  It is the worst phone I have ever had.  I will shut off on its own.  It will have missed calls when i havent had a call.  The phone will lock up and not let me tex until i turn it off and back on.  It sucks at taking pics and has a low memory.  My baby stood up for the first time last nite and i could not take a pic because the memory was full and the phone never gave me a warning so i did not know until it was too late.  I am not happy with this phone at all.  It cost way to much and is a peice of crap!!!  The only good thing i can say about this phone is it fell in the bath tub and still works!  But if i had the money or a way i would get another phone as soon as possiable.  It is the worst phone I have ever seen. Usually lg makes good products but this one is very bad.  I wouldnot recomend this phone to anyone!!

Rogersville, MO


This phone sucks don't buy it!


This **LG - AX275 Cell Phone**  was the worst LG phone I ever had. It would turn itself off and on and the speaker went out within the first week. It would not hold a charge I had to charge it twice  a day and it was just not a very good phone. Definetly not worth the money I spent on it.  I would not reccommend it.

Chanute, KS


I hate it


this phone is the most evil thing i have ever had. when im online it keeps dieing. then it wont show if my text messages have been recieved. also holds it only 50 text messages so i hac=ve to constently empty it. I recomend you save and get a more excpencive phone. you will regret it until you buy another

Wisconsin Dells, WI


LG - Cell Phone

2.9 7