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LG CT810 Smartphone

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Has everything for a smartphone, but you can be fussy.


I have had this cellphone for about 2 months now.  I upgraded from a motorolla crazer and have owned an LG before.  I have an AT&T smartphone plan with the phone.  I use it daily and use the phone and email features most frequently. The most troublesome issue I have with the phone is the tilting function, that just doesn't work as I'd like it to.  I frequently have to shake the phone to get the correct orientation.  Otherwise, the screen will continue to flip back and forth between orientation even though I am holding the phone reasonably still. The camera is still a puzzle to me, although I readily admit that I haven't taken an extended amount of time to research the different functions.  I can say that it is less than user friendly and the button to launch the app is a bit too easily misused in my daily use of the phone.  

Forest, VA


Would not recommend, unless it's free, I guess


So I got this phone for almost free with AT&T and I regret picking the LG Incite. At first, I wanted it because it had Wi-Fi ability and that's what I wanted because I didn't want to pay for an internet plan when I'm at home or in a Wi-Fi area almost all of the time. I also wanted a touch screen, so it looked like this phone was the right choice for me. The user interface is average or possibly below average. The software is slow, and my phone did lag or freeze up from time to time, even though I never ever dropped it or abused it in any way. This comes with a stylus pen that is detached from the phone but can hang on a string, and it just looks odd because it has no internal compartment to be kept in. The keypad is also very hard to use. I would say my hands are petite and it was even hard for me to text when the letters are so small and close to together than you end up pressing two letters at a time. And if you turn it sideways to switch the keyboard to larger letters, then the screen of where you are trying to type minimizes to barely one full line so it's hard to see what you had typed the line before. I would not recommend this phone to anyone.

Santa Clara, CA


Terrible experience


This is one of the most user-unfriendly smartphones in the market today. Here a couple of things that I dislike about this phone: 1. Screen Calibration. I know a few people like myself who have trouble with the phone's ability to accurately record screen taps, even after constant screen alignments and firmware reboots. For example, if I were to tap the number '3,' the number '9' would appear instead. I think there is something wrong with the digitializer, but replacing that yourself outside of the warranty period would require me to open up the phone and replace a tiny chip. Not worth my time or energy. 2. Small menus and buttons. This phone is really meant for your stylus that attaches externally by string. Otherwise, have fun using the tip of your thumbnail to navigate through this phone. For a while, I was able to load a third-party operating system onto this phone, enabling me to get away from the crappy Windows Mobile 6.1 that comes pre-installed. However, the low hardware specs prevented me from enjoying the full capabilities of the third-party OS - sometimes I would experience random freezes. Overall, get this phone if you have the patience to learn about it.  

Berkeley, CA


This phone was very disappointing.


My husband and I got these phones and were thrilled to have touch screen phones, they were our first, but we have been very disappointed.  At first they worked great, but shortly after getting them, we noticed a few problems.  The stylus that comes with it breaks very quickly.  It's supposed to pull out and stay long, but instead it keeps collapsing.  The second thing is that even though there's a way to realign the touch screen, it doesn't really work and after about a year, the touch screen gets really off.  My husband's phone was locked up for a week because he couldn't touch the unlock button on his screen.  We've also noticed that getting it anywhere near water, I mean having it in your pocket in the rain for a few seconds, makes it act funny, turning off for no reason, and then turning on again on it's own.  My family often tells me they can't hear me when I'm talking on my phone and I constantly have to adjust the position of my phone on my ear.  I can't wait until I can get another phone.  This one has disappointed.

Pensacola, FL


I love the look, but I hate the quality.


What attracted me to this phone was its sleek silver style, similar to the LG Shine, but much much better.  The incite has many many features, you can access your e-mail from your home page, which is a windows screen, you could do almost anything you could do from a desktop, if the phone would work sometimes.  I have had 2 Incite's, and the only reason I think this last one is lasting, is because I purchased a memory card, not because I wanted to add a few ringtones or pictures, but just to be able to work it without it freezing. They included so many features on this phone there is virtually no memory to do almost anything except text.  It does not let you know your memory is full.  It will just freeze on you, or not let you into your msgs, then you have to find a creative way to get into ur msgs to delete things to work ur phone agin. Do not lose ur stylus bcuz most buttons r 2 small to use ur touch screen with your finger.  When all of this is not going on.  Some times i just find my phone off for no reason, and i can't turn it on, without taking the battery out and replacing it.  There is more problems with this phone. There is not enough room on the internet to list all of the problems.  But here are a few examples: touchscreen doesn't always work(which covers most problems), keylock button stops working after a few days or weeks(srry almost all buttons on the side of the phone), camera stops working then magically starts again(i just never know when), and you just never know when the phone is going to work perfectly or nothing works, as if it has a ghost.  I don't even think they sell this phone anymore, good riddance.  The idea of the phone was a good concept, I just wished they could have made the phone work for longer than three weeks.

Killeen, TX


Turns itself off, freezes, wish I had waited!!!


Well this is another time when I violated one of my personal rules. "Don't buy something until its been out long enough to read reviews on" I am now stuck for the rest of my contract with a phone that: 1.) The screen freezes on daily. I have to take the battery out and replace to get the screen to unfreeze. 2.) The phone will turn itself off at random. 3.) I had to go through 4 phones to get one that didn't give me an error message when I went to a website. The reason I wanted the phone was the operating system was windows, I was familar with that and you could sinc it with your pc. That way I could update things on my calendar in the Outlook Express (microsoft 7 version "live Mail") and have it appear on the phone.  The camera was 2 megapixel and did video. A gps. An FM tuner.  An MP3 player. Was expandable with a micro SD card. Sleek design, great looking. The list goes on and on why I wanted T-H-I-S phone, however it doesn't change the fact that first and formost the reason you buy a cell phone is so that you can effortlessly reach/be reached by other people. If you have to check your phone all the time to see if it is turned off you are not meeting that goal.

Stratford, OK


the lg incite is a nice phone, but it has some problems.


The LG Incite, is a nice phone in that it is attractive, cool to look at and doubles as a mirror.  It is pretty light wieght and a good size for holding and making calls.  However, it has some problems that are not worth the price or effort of owning one.  My family has three of them.  My husband, son and myself all bought one, because we thought that having the same phone would be smart, not to mention all of us wanted 'that' phone.  My son's phone has never worked right.  He has even traded it in, after only 4 months, for a new one, because his quite making or receiving calls!  His replacement has since started doing the same thing!  The boy (18 yr. old) litterally cannot make a call or get a call.  He can text all he wants, and if you have unlimited texting, I guess thats not too bad.  But a phone should accept and make calls!!  My husband's freezes up and shuts down on him.  It has never really worked right either.  Mine calls people (like at midnight) all on its own.  I have had less problems, but I don't use mine as much.

Bull Shoals, AR


wasnt what i expected


This phone is not at all what I expected it to be. It freezes up alot. It scratches and scrapes easily. the battery life is not that good. I dont really like it that much. I do understand that it is a touch screen only so if it freezes up I have to take the battery out and put it back in. It Has low volume ring tones. And no matter how many times I choose for my text messages not to be displayed on the screen it somehow ends up displayed on the screen. meaning: If my phone is layed on the couch and i get up and walk away from it and someone sits down beside it and then I get a text message from someone, the full message will pop up on the main screen for a few seconds. The good thing is...well it looks good. and its not that big. I also tried to bluetooth and it was slow about connecting. I was unable to send and recieve pictures from someone sitting right next to me. I have never dropped this phone in water or anything and I have only had it for 8 months.

Pascagoula, MS


Average Windows Mobile device


The LG Incite is a standard windows based touchscreen device.  It has all of the same features as any windows cellphone, so you are basically just selecting this one based on style, and maybe price.  The camera is all the quality you need in simple camera....anything more than 4mp is totally unnessary unless your making posters.  Nice haptic feedback, screen is small, difficult to use is you have fat fingers (would have to use provided stylius), little slugish response time. Again average smartphone.

Cambridge, MA


mini-computer plus music machine


The best feature is the different ways to text message.  There is a querty keyboard and you can also write incursive on the touch screen (neatly) to get your message transcribed.  I also liked the idea of reading someone's whole memory card at once to determine what I wanted bluetoothed to me, instead of one song at a time!  Everything on their memory card shows up on your screen all at once.  It has computer programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.  You can type a word document and save it to your computer or vice versa.

Lexington, MS


LG CT810 Smartphone

2.9 14