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LG - CG225 Cell Phone

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Sleek little black cell phone with camera


I purchased this as a prepaid phone over two years ago.  It has worked great.  It is starting to get old and worn out.  The cover has a little paint missing, it has a wierd echo in my ear when I'm talking, and sometimes the sim card will reset itself when I am texting.  The phone doesn't hold very many pictures and text messages.  I have no way to transfer the pics from my cell phone to my computer.  I really like its sleek, compact design.  The ringtones are really cool.  I like the bright colorful display.  The buttons are large and easy to read.  The flip style makes the phone seem bitter than it really is.  I like how I can simply flip it open to answer it.  I like the function of having it vibrate and ring at the same time.  The volume is loud enough so I can actually hear it outside when its turned up all the way.  The vibrate function allows me to set the phone on a table and I can still hear it as it makes a noise on the table.  Then when I pick it up to go somewhere I don't have to remember to turn the ringer off.  It recieved signal pretty well.  This phone has been a reliable form of communication over the two years. I will be sad when it finally wears out. 


Princeton, MN


Almost perfect


The **Lg ****CG225 Cell Phone** ,this cell phone was grea t from the time i bou ght it. It looked great ,sounded great, everything was perfect. Until someone sent me some pictures. The first one i opened it was normal. The second and the rest wouldnt let me open them. It would use up  my minutes but wouldnt let me  open them. The ringtones  were good but they costed to much to buy and same thing with the games they we re just to much and they didn have any fun games either. And to text it was to much .30 dosn't sound like to much but once you ge t into a conversation it adds up. It would have been nice if they would have let you have full length songs on there. And have unlimited text a month and you have to pay per month. The camera is good but it needs a flashlight. And where you get service is bad where i live i get hardly any service and live in town. The camera also needs a better zoom in button. But everything else was great.


Saratoga Springs, NY


Lg CG225 Cellphone is very durable!


  I've had an LG CG225 cellphone for a little over 2 years and it's still holding up.  Yes, it looks beat up and worn out but the only real problem I'm having with it is the battery is starting to wear down a little.  Every function on this phone, which includes a camera, still works as well as the day I brought it home.  I'm very surprised at how well it's held up considering the lifespan of many cellphones these days.  It almost seems as if they're designed to break after a year so you have to go buy a new one.  Not this phone!  Unfortunately, this phone may be a little out of style but if you're not concerned with that, I would definitely say to buy it.  It's well worth the money. 


Carpentersville, IL


LG CG225 serves my purpose.


The LG CG225 is very hard to hear the phone ringing.  I've had the phone for almost three years and the battery is starting to show the wear.  The features take a little time to figure out and there is no speakerphone which would come in handy.  Other then that, the phone is very good. 


Westfield, MA


LG - CG225 Cell Phone is okay for the price


This phone plan is okay, however it does have a few quirks that need to be redesigned.  While you are not forced to open a text message that is sent to you, you also cannot delete it unless you do.  It will continue to alert you every time you open your phone, that you have a new message; and in order to open the message, you do have to pay.  This phone also charges you, when you make a call, by rounding up your talk time to the nearest minute.  Talk for 1:02 minutes/seconds, and you'll be charged for 2:00.  That can really add up over time.  Often drops calls or turns off for NO reason.  But of course it still manages to CHARGE you for those calls.  The design is very thick, so it is hard to find a place to stick the phone, where it will be out of the way.  Has very little memory space, and won't even let me delete the default pics.


Edmond, OK


LG - CG225, okay for price


It's okay for the price, it makes calls and can text (What a phone in generally for right?) It sturdy and will only break and shatter if you throw it at the ground with force. Only downside with this phone, you can be sitting on your roof talking on it, and it will drop service for no reason at all, and sometimes (very rarely) restart it's self I know, I've tried, but if you're looking for a phone that's sleak and is capable of holding alot of music/playing  videos, this phone obviously isn't it.


Elk Grove, CA


This is a great phone!


I love this phone and highly reccomend it.  I adore all of the features and use it all the time.  It looks cute, too, which I am worried about because I am a girl.  hehe  It's small but is easy to text on.  The pictures are great as welll.


Oceana, WV


The Lg Cell phone is an excellent & reliable product to purchase


My grandparents bought an lg phone for my verizon service 3 years ago. The camera is of great quality, my text go throught very fast, i have never droppped a call, and my service is from everywhere to anywhere. I love this phone even though it isn't a crazy expensive cool mp3 player texting machine. I like the fact that i can rely on my phone 24/7.


New Carlisle, OH


The LG-CG225...I'd buy it twice.


I bought the LG-CG225 a month ago, and things are goins smoothly. I can make and recieve calls at all times, with no interference. The camera takes great pictures and I like that I have a stylish looking phone, I've even had friends ask me about it because they can't believe the battery on that phone wont die! I talk A Lot, and it never dies on me. If I met the genious behind the portable, i'd kiss him! (her)


Mayaguez, PR


Not Worth it


This phone, on the outside, looks like a GREAT phone, but once you start using it, you will find out just how unreliable the phone is. I have had, roughly 6-7 phones. Always using that upgrade! lol. Well this is my first LG phone, and thought it was great until about a month into it, i noticed my phone CONSTANTLY DROPS CALLS, when i have full bars n everything! And considering its from the company that boasts LEAST DROP CALLS.. i am very disappointed. My other phone brands for this particular cell phone company, usually never drop calls. So now I'm waiting for another upgrade to get rid of this one, Most likely give it to my daughter for a play phone!


Middletown, DE


LG - CG225 Cell Phone

3.6 10