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LG Built-in Dishwasher

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The Worst Purchase Ever


When I bought this dishwasher, I bought it because it was stainless steel and because it had a good price. I didn't realize that this would be one of the worst purchases I had ever made. For the first year, it worked okay. We had some issues with the dryer inside because the dishes seemed to be wet all the time and it never felt like it got hot enough. We did not have to have it fixed in the first year because we assumed it was just because it was supposed to be more energy efficient and this might be how those things work. After the first year, we started having problems. The dishwasher began to make a ton of noise and then the motor went out. We had the motor fixed and then in three months it went out again. It stopped cleaning, it started collecting the soap inside the dishwasher door and it made a grinding noise during loads. This was the worst dishwasher I have ever owned. I can see why it has been discontinued. Noise Level Too noisy Cleaning Time two hour cycles




Worst product ever...will not buy LG anything again


LG dishwasher with power scrub model LDF 6920BB.  Dislike the rack arrangement ...very difficult to get large pieces/pots in.  Cannot use powder cleaner as it clumps up in the dispenser.  It doesn't clean well and I rinse the dishes before I put them in so "power scrub" is a misnomer. 6 months after purchase the motor went and it took a week to replace.  3 months after that it's making the same high pitched noise that preceded the motor breakdown before so I expect it is just a matter of time. This is the first LG appliance I have bought and it will be the last.


Vienna, VA


LG Built-in Dishwasher

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