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Blu-Ray Player
LG - Blu-Ray Player

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Fast player!


This is a pretty fast blu ray player. I hate waiting around for things to load, and the loading / bootup speeds are comparable to the PS3 / Oppos. It is a little fidgety loading discs though. Sometimes it spits out perfect looking discs and tells me it's unrecognizable. It has a nice looking sleek reflective blue front panel. The left portion of it flips down to reveal the tray. The tray is a bit flimsy looking ( feels a little filmsy too ), but gets the job done. The letters are displayed in the old calculator-letter form, not in dots. The buttons are well placed and cleanly done. A large eject button is on the top right corner of the unit. The unit has pretty much every connection option you need, 7.1 Analog out / HDMI / Optical / Component. I have only used the HDMI output, so can't comment on the other outputs. The HDMI was pretty much plug and play. Did not have any problems with it. However, I have experienced a lot of audio sync / stutterings with DTS-MA titles and it has frustrated me a bit. Audio would be out of sync and would have to FF chapters to resynch. Old issues have slowly been fixed with firmware updates. Not sure if I should be frustrated that it has audio issues or that LG still releases fixes for it. It has LAN / Wifi connectivity, and all the BD-Live / Netflix / YouTube worked with no problems. It also supports VUDU, but didn't get to use it. Firmware updates are supported through the network connection, but was VERY slow to download. BD-Live was very slow with a lot of stuttering with the animations. But.. who really cares about BD-Live anyway? 8) All in all a very solid unit. If LG could release the firmware in a more timely manner, then would be a winner.

San Francisco, CA


The LG BD390 is an awesome Blu Ray Player!


I got this as a gift (awesome gift!) and year ago and haven't looked back.  This was one of the first Blu Ray players to offer Netflix streaming capability and now that I've had that a year I can't imagine not having it.  It's funny, I use the player more for streaming videos than playing Blu Rays or even DVDs.  Blu Ray discs do look good and you can certainly tell the difference with sharp, clean images.  DVDs get a bump in image quality too although that's not really noticeable.  Along with Netflix, which is used almost daily, the player has youtube, cinemanow, and a few others I'm not thinking of right now (I don't use them).  Make sure you get a Blu Ray with built in, ready to use WiFi, such as this one.  No additonal fees or setup required.  LG recommends a wired connection for better quality but that's not really an option for me with the setup of the living room and router so we use it with wireless but don't experience many, if really any, problems.  If the connection is slow to start with the player will auto adjust when the signal gets better.  I've recently got more Blu Ray movies which is exciting.  The prices seem to be coming down on these too...  I have nothing bad to say about the LG BD390... my first 5 star rating!     

Mount Dora, FL


Thank you Santa!


I love this thing!!! I got one last christmas (08) and Ive loved it ever since. In conjunction with my new Samsung TV its amazing! You get netflix, as long as you have a subscription, it connects to the internet and the picture and sound that come out of this thing is incredible, It was expensive, thats why I asked for it in my christmas list, lol. Anyways, for me just having the netflix on the thing has paid for itself. It stylish, and so easy to use. Id definetly recommend this to anyone who Must Enjoy high quaitly video.

Center of the Earth, CA


LG - Blu-Ray Player

4.7 3