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LG - Blitz Cell Phone

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Great Starter QWERTY Phone


This a "Good" cellular phone for anyone looking to have an entry-level keyboard texting phone. This phone is a very unique looking device and was made in a time period where unique phones were big hits. However there are a ton of downsides to this phone. The picture quality on this cell phone is terrible. You have to have your hand insanely still or else when you take the picture the picture will be very blurry. You must also aim higher than you want the picture to be because it takes off centered pictures. The batter also constantly turns on and off and forget about keeping this phone in your pocket. In your pocket this phone will unlock and has on me before opened the web browser for several minutes which as we all know costs money. There are a few minimal upsides to this phone. The keyboard is very fluid. Typing comes easily and you can move very quickly with ease from one button to another. It is also a pretty neat little design and came in as you can see a very stunning blue color which made it unique. All in all, this phone is satisfactory and I only recommend it now because you can get it at an insanely low price and it is good as an entry level keyboard phone.



Play phone? Yes. Actual phone? Nope!


When I upgraded my phone one time, I saw this and thought it was adorable. It may be adorable, but the LG Blitz is awful! I've had quite a few phones, but this has to be the worst one I've ever owned. It slides, but it feels like it's breaking when it does. I'm a texter, so I like keyboards and I thought this one was awful. The way it's spaced out is horrendous. The keys are very oddly placed and you feel like you're holding a brick and trying to text. I owned this phone when I was a Junior/Senior in high school. I would put the phone in the front pocket of my bag and I'd turn it off. Somehow during the day, even if my bag didn't touch anything, the thing would be turned on and calling people. The lock section of the phone is useless; it doesn't keep the phone locked. All you have to do is mash your fingers against the keys and it'll unlock easily enough. I tried using the music player on this phone, but that was just ridiculous to use. The sound was awful and it was pointless to try to use. After about six months, I got a new phone and I ended up selling this one later on because it wasn't even a good back up phone. I hated talking on this phone, it was hard to hear, and it was annoying to hold. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. Maybe as a play phone for a young child. I hated talking on this phone, it was hard to hear, and it was annoying to hold. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. Maybe as a play phone for a young child.



Great phone for those who do want a basic phone


Love the color and the look of the phone. I was afraid that the numbers would be to small but they are slightly raised and easier to use than on my old phone. The colors makes it easy to see at night as well as day time. Phone works great - not so complex that it takes a rocket scientist to work. Basic phone, good quality of a camera. Fits well in a pocket of purse and this phone can be used in other countries. Yes you can have texting if that's important feature. I want a basic phone that I can take an occasional picture if I don't have my camera with me but do not want to pay the extra fees for internet etc. Performance I'm impressed. This phone is the right size to fit in a pocket or purse, but offers great performance like the more expensive phones. I doubt that someone who wants all of the bells and whistle would be happy but I love being able to use the key pad without a magnifying glass and the white letters - red numbers makes it easy to see and having each letter in its own space make it a lot easier to use. Voice Quality I find that I don't have to replay messages to get the numbers. Battery Life Seems to last a lot longer than the old phone and unlike the old phone doesn't just stay okay for several days then boom, it's dead. Durability Love the slide cover to keep the phone cleaner and protect the keys from being accidentally pushed Ease of Use Could be even easier if I would take the time to read the manual. Design love the color and the shape of the phone. Not so small I lose it in my handbag but not so large that it won't fit it a pocket. Easy to hold in your hand.

Peoria, AZ


blitz is pretty basic


I have used this phone in the past, it is the lg blitz, and i have to say it is pretty basic, nothing too particular about this phone. Its as basic as they come. It is not even fun to mess with it to get to know the features as they are pretty lame. No cool graphics, no cool applications, i guess its a little interesting if you just want to use it to make calls. But with all the cool features phones have now, it just does not measure up. It is a cool looking phone on the outside, it is a sparkly dark almost midnight blue. it is a slider phone, that reveals a full qwerty keys. The size of the keys is pretty ok. I have big fingers and sometimes i hit the wrong keys by accident, but overall it works ok. This does come with a music player, but the sound is nothing to brag about. I would go for a different phone, just because this is nothing too great of a phone. I guess this is pretty on the outside with no substance.

San Bernardino, CA


For the texted obbessed.


I have the **Blitz cell phone **from Verzon. About a year and half ago, or maybe even almost two years ago, my dad put me on his phone plan. I told him, I didn't care what he got me as long as it had a **key board**. Have you ever tried texting without a nice keyboard? It is not fun. So when I got this phone, I though awe how cute its a chubby little blue phone. It's almost a little square. It's **pocket perfect.** The small shape fits easy into any pocket you have. The key board may be a little space but how big do you want it anyways? It's a portable cell phone for a reason, and you don't want the keyboard to be too big. I still have this phone and it lasted me this long, so I'd say that's a pretty good deal. The **camera **in the phone is not bad! If you are in good lighting the pictures come out pretty amazing. It even comes with some **Apps**. It has **moblie IM**. You cana log into **AIM**, **WL Messenger**, and **Yahoo!**. You can download games onto it too. There is a bad thing about this phone. It is a texting phone. Which means the sound when making a good is pretty terrible. I don't make calls often anyways, because I much rather text someone than have to deal with them verbal. But if you are someone who if going to spend more time chatting it up, than this phone isn't for you. But it's perfect for the texted obbessed.

Bloomsburg, PA


LG - Blitz Cell Phone

3.0 5