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Blu-Ray Player

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Great blu-ray player for the price for 5:5 pulldown sets


After researching all possible blu-ray players that would be a good match for my samsung 40" LNT4071F, I came across this bad boy.  Although some state this player doesn't have great resolution, those individuals are just connecting this device to this 60hz sets.  My samsung LCD is capable of 120 Hz *5:5 pulldown* from 24 frame/s and is possible with this blu-ray player and makes for the best possible picture at an affordable price.  Not having seen a blu-ray movie, I was in my glory when I popped in my copy of The Rock.  This player also has a variety of inputs and outputs, but all I needed was the optical tos output and the HDMI output to hook it up to my device.  I would also like to state that the netflix feature is definately worth the money.  At first I was bummed that you have to hardwire an ethernet connection to this device since it is not wireless, however you get a better connection with a hardwire especially since i have other devices that like to use the wifi bandwidth at my residence.  A definate buy for those with matching LCD TVs capable of At 120 Hz *5:5 pulldown* from 24 frames.  Also I never had a blu-ray disk yet that couldn't be read by this player, and the load speed has never taken more than 30 seconds for even the most data rich blu-ray movies.  No comment on the upconverting quality as I still use my Samsung DVD player and output 480i and let my set do the upconvert.

Youngstown, OH


Love our Blu Ray LG Player


Okay, so technically, we only own a few Blu Ray discs.  BUT, it plays our regular DVDs too, until we work up a bigger Blu Ray collection.  With an HD TV, you just have to get the HD DVDs - the Blu Ray.  It is so crisp and clear!   PLUS, we use our box to stream Netflix.  It's a menu option, and since we have Netflix, we use this instead of the computer to do the "watch it nows".  I LOVE that this is an option. So, the box is really easy to use, it has great menus, and it has a great remote.  If you want to really experience home movie. The box is a bit expensive upfront, plus if you don't own that many Blu Ray discs, you may think this isn't worth.  AND, I admit it is a bit pricy.  BUT, the Netflix streaming video really kind of makes up for it until maybe the price of Blu Ray DVDs goes down.  And, it seems this is the way of the future so, you'll probably end up having to get one anyway - enjoy it now!

Cayce, SC


The LG BD-370 is a total waste of time - I can't stop watching!


LG has really raised the bar with its new line of network blu-ray players.  The LG BD370 was one of the first of this new generation.  Not only is it a high-resolution blu-ray player, it also has the capability to stream video from the internet via subscription services such as Netflix and CinemaNow or free media from YouTube direct to your TV.  Gone are the days when there's nothing to watch on TV.  Trips to the video store are no longer necessary. The blu-ray unit itself is impressive.  Of course it has full 1080p resolution just like any other player on the market.  The video is smooth.  Blu-ray players typically suffer from slow disc-load times, but the BD370 is fast - about half the time to load as a comparable Samsung player. Note that this unit doesn't have built-in wi-fi capability.  However, that's not much of a problem for me.  I'd recommend connecting this unit up via hardwire ethernet cable anyway - it's more dependable than any wi-fi network and you get faster speeds, smoother video, and higher picture quality. I sometimes wonder how I ever survived without a network blu-ray player and Netflix.

San Jose, CA


Vocal/Sound tracks sometimes don't work


Beware that some Blu Ray disc formats will not work properly with this machine.  I purchased Ice Age #3 not long after receiving this unit & the Blu Ray disc sound track will not play on this machine at all.  I originally thought it was just a bad disc, but after returning it to the store that I purchased it from & trying a brand new disc, the same problem occured.  All of the sound was fine up until the "20th Century Fox" screen title appeared.  After that, it all went to crap.  It sounded like my speakers were blowing out.  The DVD disk that came with the Blu Ray worked just was just a little disappointing that the reason I bought the combination pack...the Blu Ray...did not work.  This is the only movie that I've purchased so far that has had this problem.  All others work fine without an issue.  However, I've also noticed that every once in a while, when a disc is first played on the machine, I will have to cycle the machine on & off once for the voice track to work.  All other sound works fine...special effects, music, etc., but when it comes to someone speaking there is no sound.  This is the 2nd LG product I've purchased & both items have had less than optional quality.  I think I'm going to stay away from them from now on.

Roy, UT


Simply outstanding


The best thing about this product is it simply works, and works simply. Installation couldn't have been easier with my LG HD TV. One HDMI cable is all you need to connect it, and all the video settings were set perfectly right from the start. Setting up access to my NetFlix account simply involved entering a four letter code off the NetFlix website, the entire process took all of 30 seconds. The quality of the streaming videos is better than off my PC, and provides the added convenience of a remote control. The all the menus are straight forward and intuitive. I have not yet needed to open my owner's manual. The "Simplink" function allows basic control of the Blu ray player with my LG TV remote. I realize this type of feature is nothing new, but LG has thrown in some convenient functions that I have not seen before. For example, when I turn off the TV so does the player. Sounds trivial, but to be honest I could not say how many times I found my old DVD players endlessly running a disc after I forgot to turn it off. The playback of both Blu Ray and standard DVDs is excellent. For the people with an extensive standard DVD collection like me, the up-scaling feature is the best I have seen. And I have owned four up-scaling DVD players. And the last feature I'll mention is the program update. This allows for painless updating of your player through the network connection. Maybe this is a feature some would overlook, but to me it gives reasonable assurance this product will not be obsolete in the near future. This is a great product and a perfect match for anyone with an LG TV.

Bowling Green, KY


Excellent Picture! Easy set up. Netflix & YouTube streaming.


 Excellent Blu Ray player, lots of features at a GREAT PRICE. Full HD 1080p resolution and 1080p upscaling, this network Blu-ray Disc player is the ultimate in picture quality. Plus stream movies, TV shows and videos, to your TV directly using Netfix and YouTube without a computer. Simply connect it to a broadband home network through the built-in Ethernet port and grab your LG remote.    

Hudson, WI



4.3 6