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LG AX145 Cell Phone

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Want a basic, simple phone, LG is a great choice.


Are you looking for great, easy to use cell phone.  Well I can tell you that the LG is by far the best to me.  It is very light weight, flip style and will fit in your pocket.  This phone has all your basic essitional such as one touch dialing (speed dial), voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, phone book, and texting capabilties.  I have had my phone for over a year and half.  The one before it was also a LG.  Some thing else I love about my phone is when I need a calendar, there is one on the phone.  If I need a calculator there is also one on my phone.  My phone has all kind of features for every day use.  I would not trade it for nothing in the world.  I have never had any trouble with my phone.  I would recommand it to any one.    

Perry, FL


Has anyone tried the LG AX 145 Cell ??


*I recently purchased this phone and it is a great Little pre-pay phone. I Love my choices of ringtones and screensavers. I'm planning on getting my 2 son this item also. It's thru alltel so me and my family can all use the mobile to mobile feature for free. So if you haven't tried it then try it .*

Statesville, NC


More than an "entry level" cell phone


If looking for a almost free (99 cents) cell phone with quality that delivers, give this phone a serious look.  It can be used with "Prepaid" plans or plans on contract.  This flip style phone is attractive with a comfortable keypad.  It's easy to use, small, and lightweight.  It has many features - ones I like are the texting ability, brightness mode, speed dial and more.  It holds its charge much longer than my old Nokia phone, beeping to let me know when power is low.  I bought this phone to use with AllTel service.

Parrish, FL


LG AX145 Cell Phone

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