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LG 7.3 Cu. Ft. Ultra-Large Steam Electric Dryer

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Great Washer


Wonderful energy efficient washer. Saves time and money and even washed our king size bed spreads. I loved having this machine. It was easy to use, I found that Arm & Hammer laundry soap was the best to use in this machine rather than the liquid HE products. I loved that is had a dispenser for fabric softener. Energy Efficiency This machine was much more efficient than my old top loading machine. I could set it easily for what ever was needed much easier than I ever could with my old machine with a push of a button. No more rotary dialing and hoping you got it on the right setting. The steam setting was great for dry clean only clothing and getting wrinkles out of clothes instead of ironing. Cleaning Time This machine cut my laundry time by half. No more days of laundry. With a husband and 4 kids at home ranging between 11 months and 16 years we have a lot of laundry. Plus the three dogs, 2 cats and a blue and gold macaw... we do a lot of laundry. But this machine steps up and does a very good job of getting clothes clean. Performance I was very happy with this machines performance. It was easy to set the temperature and cycle you wanted to clean the clothing you were washing. Once I figured out the best detergent to use for the machine everything came out bright and clean and smelling fresh. I no longer had a problem with the common smell that front loaders have. Ease of Use This machine is very simple to use even without reading a manual. Everything is labeled and it is push button. You just put your clothing in add your detergent and fabric softener and push the buttons you need for that specific load. It is that easy. All you need to do is know how to wash clothing. Design I think this is very well designed though personally I would like them up on pedestals because I have back problems but I have the same problems with top loaders. Thankfully when I had these they were up higher on a concrete slab so it was not so bad on my back. But the over all design is very good and easy to use. Laundry and bad backs just do not bode well together regardless. Durability These machines are very sturdy and durable. They take on large loads and many loads over many years and keep going. You of course have to be more careful if you are in an area with hard water they can take a toll on your hoses much faster. We never had a problem with that but it is always good to check your hoses every 5-8 years for wear and tear damage. Also to keep your trays clean and watch for signs of needed maintenance before there becomes a serious problem with your machine.



LG 7.3 Cu. Ft. Ultra-Large Steam Electric Dryer

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