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LG 7.1 cu. ft. Electric Dryer


LG DLE2250W 27" Front-Load Electric Dryer with 7.1 cu. ft. Capacity, 7 Dry Cycles, 8 Options, FlowSense Duct Clogging Indicator and Dual LED Display

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I would buy this again!!


I love LG and this is an amazing dryer


Orlando FL


Absolutely love it! I purchased the washer as well!


I use this product often to do the laundry in my home. My family loves the easy to operate features.


Chesapeake, VA


i would not


for me i prefer use the top door not using the side door cause it will be easy use and the kind of the cleaner soap will not be expensive so it will low the cost of the cleaning process so for me i prefer the other kind of cleaning machine that depend on the feeder from the top




Dries quickly


Love this dryer, never had a problem and use it regular. Clothes are always dry when timer goes off. It is a quiet and it gets the job done. I clean my filter after every job so it never builds up.


decatur, al




in my frend


san in libya

Great dryer, reliable and easy to use.


I think this LG dryer is a great and reliable machine to use. It has some merits such as it is so organized in its timings, smooth and easy. It's not that type of machine which will Produce a loud noise on power. You can depend on it in everyday's clothes, towels and others. It has great advantage as it has a large number of programs which you can adjust To handle your favourite way of drying. It has the anti bacterial program which is not found in many machines. Don't expect your clothes to be over wrinkled, it will be much more slightly wrinkled than any other one. The clothes will be not so moist even in the short duration cycle. Finally speaking i would recommend this LG dryer as it lacks any of the disadvantages.




Amazing dryer


We had been needing a new dryer for a while and finally decided to purchase this one. It offered some perks without being tremendously expensive. Installation was a breeze and it is easy to use. Sometimes I just set it on a cycle and let it be and others I pick the precise time that I want to dry my clothes. They are always dry and not overly wrinkled. My only negative is that it is a bit low if you don't buy a pedestal, but it is not a big deal. It is also very quiet.


Miami, FL


handy and Beautiful dryer everyone should have one at home


it's in géneral a good dryer and all we should own one at home it's quick efficient but the sound litle bit load and some times i can't hear the beeper


Mila , Algeria


Not worth the aggravation


Shortly after the one year warranty expired, the dryer was tearing and creating holes in my sheets, nightgowns, tshirts and other regular items. Come to find out a tumbler blade was loose. Additionally, the lint casing was also loose. Both were causing thin items to get caught between the blade/vent and the metal drum. The continuous tumbling caused damaged to the items wedged in the blade/vent. A check online revealed LG acknowledged these two problems were caused by manufacturer's defect. Unfortunately, LG told us to pay the $162 service call plus parts/labor or spend $221 for a new drum. HUH? They acknowledge it was their fault yet I have to pay to correct it? Never buy another LG product.


Midwest IL and MO


Dryer Of Your Dreams


this product is very simple to use. It has great performance and the drying time has almost been cut in half. Love that there is music for the end of time instead of that annoying buzz. everything in this machine great also With our family of 6, (4 kids that are mostly pre-teens,) I was doing anywhere from 8- 12 loads of laundry a week. The dryer would take 2 hours to dry one load of jeans (of 8-10 pairs). Let me tell you, when I washed 21 pairs of jeans in one load and dried them in one dry cycle that took about 90 minutes, we agreed that the dryer paid for itself in that first load! Not just by saving time (I can get ALL my laundry done in less than 1 day compared to 3-4 day before!) I am doing less loads. It is amazing! I love the sensor dry cycle! If the clothes are not quite dry, the dryer will continue the cycle until they are completely dry! I've already used the drying shelf for wet, snowy shoes. And it's so quiet! I have to walk into the laundry room to make sure its still running! The lint screen is easy to clean, no matter the amount of lint, it all comes off in one easy swipe. And the clothes come out fresher and lighter than before. I would highly recommend this dryer and would buy another LG!




LG 7.1 cu. ft. Electric Dryer

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