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LG 46LD550 46 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV

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good while it lasted


Bought this TV in late 2010 to replace a massive and outdated set. At the time it offered the most bang for the buck. Flash forward four years later. Boom. It died. I understand electronics aren't built to last forever, but this was a good set from a reputable company. Now I can't help but wonder when the other LG in our home will belly up.




Love this TV


We have owned this TV for a few years now and I really loved it. We have it in a large TV cabinet armoir. We originally purchased it because we had a large boxy type TV and it was super heavy and really bowing the shelf in the cabinet armoir. We felt it was pretty dangerous to have such a heavy piece that high with several children running around so when we saw a great deal on this flat screen TV was jumped on it. We haven't had any trouble with this flat screen TV at all. The picture is great and it's much lighter than the old boxy TV so it doesn't bow the shelf. The sound is great too. We actually can have the volume lower on this TV that the boxy one which is great because we have enough commotion with a bunch of people in the house. The TV is easy to hook up (my husband actually did it, but it was simple enough that I could have done it). We actually have really liked the design of this TV. It's sleek and goes with the decor in our house very well. It has also lasted for a few years so I'd say the durability is great as well. Our family really loves this TV and would recommend it to any family in market for a new flat screen TV.


Greer, SC


This television is great for the price.


This was given to us as a Christmas present from my in-laws. Considering the price, it's a great television. The picture is great. It's light-weight (compared to our old, huge t.v. Picture Quality Picture is great! It's clear and bright and vivid. Sound Quality Excellent sound. Durability Doesn't seem chintzy at all. Design Looks cool. Performance No problems so far.


Grandville, MI


People beg to come to my house to watch a blu ray.


The picture is amazing and so clear. The blue on/off is kinda cool loooking. The price is much lower than other brands too! Picture Quality The best I have seen and puts SONY to shame Sound Quality I have surround sound so it is hard to say. Design Very simple but elegant


White Plains, NY


Good, durable Tv


We bought this television a few years ago, as we needed a flat panel TV to save on space, and to keep the kids from being able to reach it. We did a lot of research at the time, and thought this was the better value for what we needed. The picture quality is very good, and in the 4 years we've had it, we only have one line where the picture quality is messed up. It's the size of a pencil line - my husband notices it, I can't even tell. We watch a lot of movies, and they all look great. There are a lot of TVs out there with all sorts of flashy features. Most of those features we would never use. This is a good basic model that meets our needs nicely.


Center Barnstead, NH


LOVE this TV.


We've been on the hunt for a flat screen for quite a while, and i'm quite pleased that we decided to purchase this LG TV. We have be impressed again and again with Korean manufacturers and LG has yet to fail to impress us. I have nothing bad to say about this TV. It's a great television. The kids love it, the husband loves it, I love it, I bet the dog loves it too! We watch everything on this TV. We play video games. It has been getting tons of use from our family. The TV looks great and the picture is great. The HD is crisp and TV is a great size for our living room, and it complements the rest or our furniture nicely. We have this TV on a stand, but you can also mount it. I highly recommend and LG TV to anyone out there looking for a new HDTV. LG never fails us.




Beautiful TV


We have had our LG HDTV for a couple years now and love it. It is our main television and gets a lot of use. Great picture quality, the HD channels all come in beautifully and movies all look crisp. It's not one of those TVs that you have a hard time seeing if you're not at the exact right angle, which is a nice bonus because then everyone in the room gets to enjoy it. It's a great size for our living room and has held up very nicely. A light dusting is all it takes once in a while to shine it back up. Sound quality is good. We have surround sound for movies but even without additional speakers, it still sounds good and clear. Stylish, sleek design, looks nice. Would definitely recommend! Great product!!


Prior Lake, MN


LG 46LD550 46 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV

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