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LG 42SL80 42 in. HDTV LCD TV

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Clear and Beautiful Sound and Visual


We received this tv as a gift for Christmas and could not believe how much detail we could see. The picture is always clear and crisp and detailed and the audio has multiple options to optimize the experience of whatever we happen to be watching. It's very difficult to go from this tv to our other which is nowhere near as high def and high quality. The only feature I wish it had was the ability to swivel on its base. In our living room, that ability would be helpful when watching tv from different areas of the room. Other than that tiny, not too important detail, I am extremely happy with this tv.




A great HD tv in value and price!


We have had this TV for a month now and feel that it is a great tv for the value and price. Sound Quality The sound seems louder and of good quality. It comes toward you instead of to the sides as some OLD tvs used to do. Design This tv fits well on our little shelf. It is not too large for our room size, but not too small for great viewing.




Great TV!


I had this TV mounted to the wall in my last apartment & I loved it. I wanted a large TV & wasn't sure what size to get. For the size of my room, the 40 inch was great. I had my couch about 10 feet away from the TV & it was the optimal viewing size for that size room. Sometimes when I watch larger TV's I notice that my eyes have to travel back & forth to keep up with the action. This TV was a great set for my needs. The color was great (I thought it looked the best in the store compared to the models around it) & the images were always sharp. The sound quality coming out of the TV was great too. I never had any issues with the TV or the picture & it has worked beautifully. I think it has a clean design & aesthetic. The price was a great deal for an LG, who really makes quality TV's! I also liked that it was an LCD, verse a plasma screen because it used much less electricity. There were sufficient plugs & jacks for all of my electronics and they were easily accessible when mounted to the wall, which was nice as well. I had my cable box, wii & blue ray player all hooked up. Overall I think this is a great tv for a smaller room! Picture Quality Great, sharp picture!


Newport Beach, CA


Honestly...not worth it.


This TV has fairly poor screen quality. I went from a Samsung to this and I really miss having a Samsung. The color and quality was a huge let down when compared to a Samsung. If you want a TV for video games, look elsewhere, as the color would not be great for games. Picture Quality Not so terrible that it's bothersome but if you want a crisp, bright, colorful picture, this TV is not up to par. No matter how much I fiddled with the options and such, I could not get it to get any better, nor could the repair man. It's just not a great picture! Sound Quality Don't put in a TV stand with a back to it, as the speakers are in back. Sound is okay but does not seem to get very loud. I'd say the sound is average. Durability Have had no problems with cracks or anything like that. I'd assume dropping it would cause issues because the material isn't super hard and would most likely break, but thus far it's held up and been just fine. Design Nice looking TV. Slim design. The one thing I DO like about this TV.




Best of the Best LCD TVs


I purchased this television set after literally months of comparing it to other brands and haven't had any second thoughts since receiving it. I started with SONY having had several excellent experiences with its TVs in the past, but was lured by excellent reviews for LGs and went back and forth. Perhaps the LGs are just as good since that's a brand that has certainly risen to the top on many products. But this TV has excellent picture quality, natural color and good sound. I had originally heard that sound systems on wide screen TVs were poor and thought I would have to buy a sound bar to improve it. I have owned this set now for about a year and found the sound quality to be totally acceptable. I was also concerned about size since this is in the bedroom and the space between the TV and bed is only about five feet. But it doesn't overwhelm. What it does is make the picture vivid. I'm an avid tennis and figure skating fan and find watching both sports like having a front row seat. Would I make the same choice if I were to buy again - you bet I would. I'll add one piece of advice and that is the table to support this set. I purchased an excellent piece that attaches to the back of the TV, providing real stability. I recommend such a piece for any wide screen TV.


Greenport, NY


My First HDTV


This was my first ever HDTV to purchase & own so I was new to HDTV's but I did alot of research on them & found that the LG brand was a great choice with an awesome picture for a decent price. I have been pretty happy with it other than the speakers on it will sometimes distort when music is being played through the tv otherwise its been a great HDTV. Sound Quality It needs a better speaker system in my opinion


Winfield, KS


42 Inch LG HDTV lCD TV


We have had this TV for about 2 years now. It is a great tv. We have never had any problems with it. This model is a 1080P and is excellent picture. There are many options on this TV and has lots of RCA jacks on it that we have 2 game systems hooked up at one time. Plus we have a Dish receiver hooked to it as well as surround sound system. We will definately buy another LG tv as soon as we decide to upgrade.


Oakwood, IL


LG 42SL80 42 in. HDTV LCD TV

4.6 7