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LG - 3280 Cell Phone

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LG 3280 cell phone drops calls


Even though we both have Tracfone service, my husband's phone (not an LG) does great, while my LG 3280 cell phone drops calls all the time.  I cannot use it in my house, but have to go outside, and even then, it has trouble picking up service.  And when it can find the connection, the reception is very static-y.  And it often drops the call. You also cannot set the ring to silent or vibration.  The only way you can get vibration is when it is set to very loud.  So, I cannot leave the phone turned on in quiet places.  And it has buttons on the side of the phone, right where you put your hand to use the phone, that will change the volume, without your meaning to. I would never buy another LG phone.  Performance This phone cannot find and keep a signal at my house. So, in order to use up the accumulated units/minutes, I have to drive somewhere or go outside on my driveway. Voice Quality No problem with voice quality, once I can get a signal. Battery Life It's usually OK, but sometimes it gets low, even when I haven't used the phone. I now carry the recharger with me wherever I go. Durability Hasn't broken. Ease of Use It has these buttons on the side of the phone - right where you have to put your hand and/or fingers in order to just hold the phone in use - that then will change the ringtone volume. Very weird. Design OK, I guess

Rome, ME


Couldn't do without!


Love this cell, couldn't do without it! Has alot of great super features, texting is easy, #g;s at all times,the only downfall is most of the features take up alot of memory and you need to buy a memory card to use them. But all-in-all a great phone... super sturdy also.

Perth Amboy, NJ


LG - 3280 Cell Phone

2.5 2