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LG 300G Prepaid Cellphone

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My LG300G is awesome!


My LG300G is very awesome. It has everything I want and more. It has all the coolest latest things. I really, really love it. It is just the right size for me. The battery lasts a very long time. I rarely ever have to charge it. It has a lot of games, just the way I like it. The volume is perfect and I can get it at just the right volume. I also love the way the text messaging is set up. It has many different message templates for me to choose from. It has many different wall papers. These include: Sunset, Lady, Landscape, Skyscraper, Mischief, Phantom, and Net 10. There are many different ring-tones too. There is: GoGoCart, Lovers Lane, Csardas, Love is Blue, Steps Ahead, Must Be Nice, Dancing With Me, Liebesfreud, Pocket Watch, Funky Band, Shine, Orange Ice, Next Time, A Mystique, Welcome Back, Jack Coke, Greenday, Swan Lake, Canon, and Cigar And Wine. Also there are many tools on my phone that I like. Altogether I really love everything about my amazing LG300G cell phone.

Milan, OH


LG 300G Prepaid Cellphone

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