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LG 30" Freestanding Electric Double-Oven Range


This double oven range features up to 3000 watts of power for cooking multiple dishes at once. The intuitive smooth-touch controls and electronic clock and timer make it easy to program your cooking.

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Overall this is a good range, and offers the convenience of dual ovens, one a normal oven, e other a convection oven. This has been very nice when preparing get-togethers with families or friends. On Thanksgiving you can have the turkey in the bottom convection oven, and pies in the regular top oven at the same time. You can easily cook two pizzas at the same time for parties. Temperature Control Once you get the hang of it, the temperature controls are very easy to use. I especially like that the controls provide a warning of hot surfaces, something that is helpful when you have smaller children around. Heat Distribution Overall very good - the food is cooked even,y through. Durability We have had this for two years and have not had any problems with it. My only concern would be that, if the touch panel goes out, then it would be pretty much useless. Design Love the dual oven! Also having five burners is convenient. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning can be a bit tougher, especially when food falls down in the oven, although it does have a self-cleaning feature this basically superheats the stove to burn everything off, which produces a bad smell when it is going on.



Great oven and range


I really enjoy cooking with this oven and range combo. I really like that you can use the small top oven if you aren't cooking a lot of food, it really helps in the summer not to heat up the whole kitchen. The range boils water fast, but it is a little difficult to clean. Temperature Control The range goes from 1-10 and in .5 so it is easy to find the right temperature. The oven heats fast and stays consistant. Heat Distribution I think that the range stays at the right temperature because it comes on and off really fast to keep the temperature you want. The top oven is a little tricky because of the location of the grates. If you put it on the top rack it tends to burn the top of what you are cooking, but if you put it on the bottom then it tends to burn the bottom. Durability I think this will last a long time and is built well. Design I think that it makes any kitchen look professional. The inside blue is what really catches the eye. Ease of Cleaning The oven is very easy to clean, but the range is a little difficult even if you clean it everytime.

Yukon, OK


Good range


This is overall a very nice range. The double ovens are great and I wouldn't go back to a single. The convection is only in the larger bottom oven. The top oven is much larger than my previous range, a very large cookie sheet fits with ease. Ease of Cleaning My only complaints are here. The flat top is very difficult to clean. It is slightly pebbly and it never looks really clean.

Cincinnati, OH


LG 30" Freestanding Electric Double-Oven Range

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