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LG 27 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Stainless Steel


LG 27 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator – Maximize Food Storage Space

Busy families and home chefs, this is the fridge for you. The LG French door refrigerator is designed for maximum space, ensuring you have plenty of room for a big trip to the grocery store. The Slim SpacePlus™ ice system provides more room for door bins, and a full-width pantry drawer provides easy access to fresh foods. The fridge's Smart Cooling Plus technology maintains superior humidity and temperature levels, keeping your food fresh longer.

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Love my refrigerator/freezer


I wanted a refrigerator with the freezer on bottom. After shopping around and looking at all the brands and types, this one had everything i was looking for. I love all the room it has in both the refrigerator and freezer. The only con is the outside gets dirty easy with little fingerprints or random places the kids touch, but can easily be cleaned off. I would most definitely recommend this refrigerator.


Pinckneyville, IL


Lots of space with great organization & visibility


I smile inside every time we open the doors because there's just so much space with everything so brightly lit and easy to see. We have two shelves that can hold tall items thanks to one shelf being able to convert into a half-shelf, meaning that the front part can be pushed back half way. Every shelf is adjustable and sturdy. There are two side-by-side half-width drawers which can be set for either fruits or veggies, then one long drawer under those. All are on wheeled tracks so they glide open with virtually no effort. The fronts and tops of the half-width drawers are transparent so it's very easy to see what's inside. Not being able to see well into drawers or to the back of shelves on our other fridge led us to forget what was there, which in turn meant that food would often end up in the trash. The ice maker in this fridge is compact and built right into the door so it doesn't take up any lovely shelf space, and it's completely sealed off so it won't absorb odors from the fridge or freezer. And there is still shelf space there on the door! Granted, it's not very deep but it works. The dispensers allow for very large glasses to be filled thanks to the water being above the ice instead of next to it. The dispenser tray even slides out so a large glass can be set down. The freezer is also a source of joy as we can now spread things out and see everything that's in there. The wide drawer easily slides all the way out so nothing is hidden, and a second drawer inside helps to keep things organized so everything isn't just stacked on top of each other. It comes with an ice bin in case you need more ice than the ice maker can hold. We like the pull out drawer way better than shelves because everything is easily visible and in easy reach. One thing we weren't aware of when we bought this is that stainless steel isn't magnetic, so here only the sides are magnetic. On the plus side, this makes the fridge look nice and sleek. We are very happy with this fridge!


Redding, CA


Real Kool...LG


Love this fridge. Received as a gift on Mother's Day. Looks great, has plenty of accessable storage room and cools great.


Smiths Station, AL


Great Fridge, I want one


This is a well designed and well thought out appliance for any home. Sleek lines and beautiful stainless steel sheeting make this fridge a modern must have. The interior is brightly lit and there is an abundance of space. It is quiet. The ice dispenser works very well and has a large area for fallen water. Noise Level This fridge is so quiet it makes me wonder if it is even turned on. My sister has one and I spend many hours a week with her and I have still never heard it make a sound. Interior Organization There is an abundance of space inside this fridge. Drawers for fruits and vegetables, meats and cheese. Extra shelves on the doors and adjustable shelves above the drawers. When both doors are opened you can see everything easily. Temperature Control The freezer never seems to get encrusted with snow and ice. The food inside the freezer never has freezer burn unless it has not been well wrapped. Food inside the fridge area seems to stay fresh for loner periods of time. Fruit and vegetables stay crisp and moist. It is easy to set the temperature, instructions are clear and simple to understand. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning the interior of this fridge is a fast and simple breeze. All the drawers slide out easily allowing access to all areas. How ever cleaning the exterior stainless steel finish is another story. I am not talking about the product you choose designed for the stainless steel finish, I am talking about the handles of the fridge itself. The way they are designed, it makes cleaning the exterior difficult. I like when there are no streaks, the handles come in on a low angle and where it joins the fridge there is no room left to pass a rag. Durability The way this particular fridge is designed seems to be solid from top to bottom, other than plastic components on the interior like drawers. I am sure it will last for many years. Design Interior, excellent. Adjustable shelves. Well lit. not just one tiny bulb at the back. Doors hold many food items. Drawers are large. Freezer area is large with a sliding basket rack for extra space. It is an ideal appliance to have in any kitchen and I want one.




LG 27 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Stainless Steel

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