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LG 26LD352C 26" LCD TV

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My First Flat Screen TV


As noted by my title, this version of the LG 26' TV was my first flat screen tv ever. I purchased it because I was bored of the older CRT sets that were out and wanted something different. I would recommend this television to anyone because of the affordability of it and because of it durability and picture quality. I have no complaints with this set since i had it for about two years. The screen size is perfect for those who like to play games or lay back in bed. And for parents looking for an affordable and cool tv to give to their college young adults, this would be a perfect match for them.





Overall, I would definitely recommend buying this LG LD352C 26" LCD TV. The picture and sound quality on this TV is excellent. The picture is very sharp and crisp. It has the right amount of brightness and it is great for watching sports, TV shows and movies. The excellent picture makes you really feel like you are at the game when watching sports. Also, the sound is crisp and clear. I have been very happy with the performance and reliability of this TV. I have found that LG TVs are very durable. Furthermore, I like the design of this LCD TV. It is very thin and lightweight. The black color of the TV makes it look sleek and it goes well with the other decor in my home.

Langhorne, PA


LG 26LD352C 26" LCD TV

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