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LG 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher


KEY FEATURES EasyRack Plus Easy to adjust on-the-fly, this racking system can shift to handle any challenge your dishes can serve up. 10 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on Inverter Direct Drive Rely on your LG dishwasher with a 10-year manufacturer's limited warranty on the Direct Drive Motor. LoDecibel 48dB The quietest dishwasher among leading brands in its class. SmartDiagnosis System Troubleshoot quickly and efficiently with SmartDiagnosis . 14 Place-Setting Capacity Provides ample space to accommodate lots of dishes and stemware, in a variety of sizes. ENERGY STAR ® Qualified Dishwasher Among the most energy-efficient dishwashers in its class. &

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Best Dishwasher on the Market


I love this dishwasher so much I bought it twice. Really, I bought one for my first home and then, when I had to move, I bought the same one for my most recent house. Noise Level It's so quiet sometimes I open it up without realizing it's still on. Design The only complaint is that if you leave the silverware rack on the door, large food particles can get stuck behind it. Putting it on the bottom shelf instead solves this.



Good dishwasher


Overall, I really like this dishwasher. It runs relatively quietly. You have to rinse your dishes pretty well before placing them in the dishwasher, or they will still have food residue on them after being run through the dishwasher. I have experienced a bit of problem with the dishwasher having an odor in the dishwasher that I cannot seem to eliminate. Noise Level This dishwasher is relatively quiet. However, at times, it makes a lot of noise. Cleaning Time A normal cycle on this dishwasher takes about two hours to run. I would consider this time to be about average. Loading Flexibility The dishwasher is fairly flexible as to the types of dishes it will accommodate, especially on the top rack of the dishwasher. Performance This dishwasher does a great job of cleaning dishes that have been pre-rinsed well. However, it does a fairly poor job of cleaning dishes that have not been pre-rinsed very well prior to being placed in the dishwasher. Design The design is sleek, stylish, and professional.

Muscle Shoals, AL


Cleans Great-Could Be More Flexible


I love the way this dishwasher cleans and how quiet it is. That being said, I wish the flatware tray was a better design and that the bottom was tray was slotted in such a fashion as to only hold dinner plates, and salad plates. The rows are so narrow I can't fit a large bowl. Noise Level I sometimes have difficulty knowing if I turned it on properly because it is sooo quiet! Especially when it first starts. You can hear it a bit during the rinse cycle, but just barely. Cleaning Time It runs on a "normal" cleaning cycle for 2 hours. Of course it is an energy saver. Loading Flexibility I know all of the new dishwashers are like this however, I still don't like this feature....The door opens so low and you wind up pulling the bottom tray out and bending over at an uncomfortable angle. If you have a dinner party it is back braking! Performance Cleans beautifully! Design There is a lot of room to pile in dishes, cups, glasses, mugs, soup bowls, but not any serving dishes or large serving bowls. The grooves in the tray do not support anything that big. Also, a feature of the dishwasher that could have been approved upon is the flatware tray. It has three sections. The center of which I find basically useless because it has a non-removable slotted cover over it. If that weren't enough, the handle of the tray blocks its use as well. Durability Mind you I just got it 3 months ago.

Brick, NJ


Unbelievably quiet dishwasher!


I am very satisfied with this dishwasher. It is easy to load and I love that I can raise the upper rack if I need to put large items below (like my stock pot). I am a relatively lazy pre-rinser and the dishwasher does a great job with getting off food (even stuck on food). When I have a very heavily soiled load I put the dishwasher on "power scrub" and my dishes always come out clean. Like any dishwasher, if you don't like to pre-rinse you need to clean the filter more regularly. My favorite part about this dishwasher is its noise level. My house has an open floor plan so quiet appliances are a must. It sounds ridiculous, but sometimes I have a hard time knowing if the dishwasher is on! Overall, I have no complaints about this appliance.

Wayne, PA


LG 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

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