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LG - 200 Cell Phone

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very good to have whenever traveling in the car


My husband and I do not require a cell phone.  First, my husband's job does not let him the use of a phone unlessd he is on top at the coal mines.  He only uses his LG tracphone whenever he is on his way home from work.  I do not work so I am home most of the time and we have unlimited long distance calling 24/7.  We each have the LG tracphone.  We really enjoy these phones.  They are very convenient to use and they are very afforable.  All that is required is buying airtime every three months.  Whatever minutes you have left over by that time,  they are carried over.  We can text on this phone.  The rings are no different than a regular cell phone.  We can add unlimited phone numbers to memory.  This LG tracphone has the date and time on the screen.  There is a built in calculator.  It lets you know if you missed a call.We have voice mail...Whenever you have to buy more airtime which is every three months,  there are all different number of minutes to buy which makes it feasible for the money.

Benton, IL


LG - 200 Cell Phone

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