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Great washer and dryer combo!


Because of my husband's allergies, I and my children have to shower and change our clothes after riding our horses before we can be around him. It was a hassle taking our dirty clothes from the barn to the house and putting them immediately in washer so they do not cause my husband's allergies to flare up. So I wanted a washer and dryer in the barn to make it more convenient. With limited space next to the shower in the barn, this LG combo washer/dryer was the perfect solution. Now we can just immediately drop our clothes in this, turn it on and let it wash them! Since this is also a dryer, we don't have to line dry our clothes or carry the wet clothes to the house to dry them! This washer/dryer is very easy to use and it gets our clothes really clean. It looks really nice also and seems to be very well made and very durable. It has several different settings so you can choose the perfect one to suit your needs for the clothes you are washing. It is a little pricey, but it is well worth the money. I can also periodically throw the horse blankets in there and wash them. It works so well that I am considering purchasing a second one for my house as well!


La Rue, OH


Mixed feelings about the LG 2.7 CF Combo washer dryer


This washer/dryer combo is that type of item where you're not completely annoyed, but maybe second guessing your purchase, like I did with mine before I returned it. First off, it is not for big families or large loads constantly. However, it is great to kind of set it and forget it and be able to come home to washed and dried clothes. I didn't like the door because the window of it is pretty much made of plastic and became a little too hot for my liking. I did like the fact that unlike top load washers, this washer always only filled a little and saves on my water. However the ad claimed how quiet this machine was supposed to be and it was far from the truth. The thing rumbled while it was washing and sounded like there was someone in the closet playing the drums. A full cycle on the dryer runs for four hours for a full cycle. That's why I said it would not be good for large families. However the most annoying of the dryer section is how they tell you the clothes will come out with less wrinkles and its complete lies and ends up coming out worse than it went in. I ended up returning it because it was more aggravation than it was worth.




Top of the line


I love my LG washer! My husband purchased this model washing machine for our household about three years ago and it has been amazing. We have two teenage kids and pets in our home so we do a lot of laundry, and this washer has never let me down. I don't know the holding capacity, numerically, but it holds a lot of clothes and cleans them as well as it does a small load. It has so many cycle features and is so simple to use. Regardless of what type of load you are washing, whether it is delicates, whites, heavy duty, or just a regular load, you just push the button, add your liquids, and it does the rest. It has features I have never even used before, like pre-soak for instance, I also pre-treat by hand for my heavy duty stains. It has a pull out detergent tray that has several different compartments where you add whatever you wish to the load; soap, bleach, softener, oxy; and it dispenses them when it is time. My clothes come out fresh and clean every time. It is an energy efficient model and super durable. I could not be happier with this washing machine. It is a bit on the pricy end, but as far as quality and value for your money, it is well worth it.





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