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LG 2.3 cu.ft. Large 24" Compact Frontload Washer


This LG WM1377HW 24" compact washing machine has a large capacity of 2.3 cubic feet, a NeverRust™ stainless steel drum, and loads of other features to help make laundry less of a chore. The SenseClean™ System takes the guesswork out of doing laundry by automatically setting the water level and wash time based on the weight and the size of each load. With LoDecibel™ Quiet operation and a 10-year limited warranty on the powerful Direct Drive motor, this ENERGY STAR® certified washer by LG is washing done right.

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What a buy!


Now i know you've heard some people say "it's not all about the fancy brands and how much money you spend." They are absolutely right, it surely is not. That is unless we are taking about something that's in charge of making my clothes not only smell clean but make me feel clean as well! That's when I throw price out of the window, my LG 2.3 cu.ft. Large 24" Compact Front-load Washer was worth it. Plus seeing as I owned it for many years now it was money saved. I've gone through a washer three times versus my LG washer, which is still roaring to go. It's front load door gives an easier angle to put your load in. with it's see through door you can actually see the clothes being cleaned and not worry if your machine is dead or not. It not only has great longevity but it has excellent performance, it has short wash times, it cleans like no other. The best thing about my Washer is it's very energy efficient, who doesn't like a low energy bill.



Front loading washer


These washers are great. I love the front loading feature as it really helps out on my back not having to lift heavy loads of clothes so high to get them in there. As an expecting mother it's great to just move the clothes side to side between machines and not have to lift them up very high especially when they are wet and heavy. The load pretty large loads of heavy car hart type work clothes without becoming unbalanced and jumping all around the room denting my floor. The price was reasonable and the warranty great with this product. I haven't had any issues or breakdowns in the couple years we have owned it. The seal stays tight and I haven't had any trouble with a dirt buil up along the seal. I got it in red which goes great with the rest of my kitchen. The installation was smooth and the workers very patient and helpful in taking as much time as was needed to answer all my questions and make sure I was completely comfortable with my new washer before leaving me to my wash. I do about three loads a day in it as I have a large messy family and we create a lot of dirty clothes. My water bill actually went down when I got this machine versus our old one which is not only a nice Economical bonus but great for the environment too. I would recommend this product to anyone of my friend and feel confident in my recommendation.



LG 2.3 cu.ft. Large 24" Compact Frontload Washer

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