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LG 19.7 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator LFC20770

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Great refrigerator for the money, plus lower electric bills.


Putting the freezer on the bottom was the best idea since sliced bread. It is so much easier to clean with the freezer on the bottom; this is my favorite feature of this refrigerator. No more bending and killing my back and knees to get to the stuff in the bottom drawers of the fridge since they are all within reach while standing. The freezer has 2 drawers which makes it easier to get to items that may be on the bottom. It also makes it easier to rotate frozen items. Things that need to be eaten sooner can go in the top drawer. Because of the storage space on the double doors, this fridge has more storage space. Milk and orange juice on the door makes it so much easier to reach items on the shelves. The only issue I have with this set-up, is that the shelves are almost non-adjustable. If you move shelves on the door, you also have to move the corresponding shelves in the refrigerator or the doors won't close. I sometimes end up with no space for all of the tall items like milk, juice, ketchup, etc. This is the reason why I did not give this refrigerator a 10. My favorite thing about this fridge is that it is an energy saver and I have already seen my electric bill go done since purchasing it. Noise Level Not noisy at all, although I'd bet some people might think it is noisy. The only sound that bothers me, is the beep that sounds when you forget to close the door all of the way. It is annoying if you have to keep the door open to clean the fridge or to arrange items in it. It has kept me from mistakenly leaving the door open, which is a good thing. You have to remember to push the door shut against the refrigerator, not just give it a little push or it won't close all of the way. Interior Organization Would like to be able to have more options for arranging the shelves. I do love the drawers in it. One is for fruit, one for veggies, and I use the long, shallow one for cheeses. It is wonderful if you are having a party and need to store a party platter. It keeps the platter safe and confined in the long, shallow drawer. Temperature Control Temperature control is great. Each drawer has its own temperature control knob besides temp control for the refrigerator proper. Ease of Cleaning I find it easy to clean, and like the inner material which wipes clean with just a warm, damp cloth. The drawers are easier to remove for cleaner than the last fridge I had, so I am very pleased with this one. Durability So far, so good. I have had this LG for about a year now, and it is holding up very well. Design What can I say, I love the design. It was just what I was looking for. The doors open flush with my cabinets making it easy to remove the drawers for cleaning.

Middleboro, MA


LG 19.7 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator LFC20770

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