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LG 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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An extremely affordable efficient energy-saving unit!


Our mother's a/c had finally died out after 10 years - *IN JULY!!  IN* *FLORIDA!!* - and my brother and I had to come up with a replacement. After doing our comparison shopping we agreed on talking her  into buying the **LG Model LWHD1807HR Window-Type Air Conditioner.** This new unit not only **cools extremely well,** but the features allow us to **change the directional air-flow and the fan speed** - with the ease of a **remote control**!  **Power saver - 9.7 Energy Efficiency Ratio - affordable and quiet!**  **5 year warranty**.  We'll be sure to look into **LG** for future purchases!        

Orlando, FL


Love My LG AC!


Me and my husband just recently moved into a new apartment that has window AC units. This would be the first time we both would have had to use these. And that was our only concern when moving in. BUT when we fired that baby up it cooled down our whole living room in the summer time in minutes! It was so nice and cold! and When the winter came around, it was nice and warm. There is also an energy efficient option. And a setting of the temp you would like it to reach. It also has these vents the point in the direction you want the air to blow. I've also noticed on our Electric bill that it is cheap to use the Lg AC! Much cheaper than using a Air conditioning for the whole house. With the window unit you simply turn it on to whatever room you are in without having to waste power in other rooms where no one is occupying. And the filter clean up is very easy. Just run it under the sink or hose and stick it back in and your good to go!

Saint Petersburg, FL


LG 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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