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LG 1200 Watts Microwave Oven

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Best Microwave we've ever owned.....


This LG microwave is awesome it can do anything....Also it is not very complicated to use despite being digital and having lots of buttons. There is a handy reference guide right on the inside door of the microwave. One of my favorite features is the defrost option. In the past microwaves have had a very difficult time thawing meat without cooking it at the same time. This microwave is perfect you enter about how much meat you have....hit start and voila you have perfectly defrosted hamburger. Another feature I love about this microwave among many other things is the hold and serve feature which allows you to put food in and the microwave will keep it warm without cooking it further. We like to use this option with breakfasts when making pancakes.

Birch Run, MI


Great overall microwave!


We first became impressed with the LG microwave because of the rounded design on the inside, making it very amenable to using round containers and cookware. This particular model is quite spacious and so holds all of our cookware and turns with ease. The wattage is plenty for all of our jobs, and food cooks very evenly. Our last model lasted 5 years with no problems, and we continue to have the same good fortune with this model as well. I was disappointed initially that there were fewer automatic functions on this model than the last, even though this was an upgraded model, but this was not a deal-breaker. The clock-setting issue referred to by others is also not a huge inconvenience, and I was able to remember with little difficulty. LG makes a very reliable microwave and we will continue to use this brand in our home.

Bangor, ME


Best microwave I have ever owned


I bought this LG microwave for my apartment and used it for a year until my roommate's family moved in with him, at which point I moved out and let them have it. I would use it to microwave everything from Campbell's Chunky Soups to hot cocoa to my TV dinner entrees. There is nothing that can not be nuked with the 1200 Watts of power that this microwave provides. It's definitely better to have something with 1000+ Watts so you do not have to wait around excessively. On cold nights, I even warm up my socks so that they are nice and toasty. This model also is a little bulky coming at 1.2 cubic feet, so it does take up a bit of counter space. But all that space comes in handy when you need to heat up casserole dishes and other larger food items. It also looks really futuristic with the LCD display and a myriad of different settings for popcorn, frozen foods, etc. The only real drawback is that it is a little pricey, but if you can get it on sale, then it is a very good buy.

Sugar Land, TX


Perfect popcorn every time


This microwave oven is large enough for my biggest casserole dish, is easy to clean, and makes popcorn perfectly (no matter who is making it!).  We frequently use this oven for reheating previously cooked food and hot beveredges.  It has performed well in all of the cooking functions we have used.  The rounded interior makes it easy to wipe out and the removal glass plate washes clean with little effort.  The white color helps disguise dust better than darker colored ovens I've owned in the past.  My only complaint is that re-setting the clock when the power goes out is not an obvious function.  Instead of having a "clock" button, you have to go through a series of steps under "custom set." 

New Virginia, IA


LG 1200 Watts Microwave Oven

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