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Counter-Depth Refrigerators
LG 10 cu. ft. Cabinet Depth Refrigerator


Refrigerators often dominate a kitchen's look, feel and atmosphere. Therefore LG refrigerators come in sleek, contemporary designs, using the most modern finishes. Add endless flexible organization of shelves and door bins, ultra-quiet, reliable performance, and it is obvious LG is setting the new standard in refrigerators.

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Cost effective, little small but suitable for a member of 2


Well, for a person like me who don't cook day in day out, I find it perfect for weekends when my parents and cousins are around. Perfect for a sound sleep As the noise level is quite low The design is pretty modern keeping it simple. Overall, a good choice if you stay outside more often with very limited members.

Philadelphia, PA


Small but efficient


Great fridge for a small family or to use as a secondary fridge. Noise Level Extremely quiet. The only way you would know it's on is by the lights on the top of the panel that is how quiet this fridge is. Interior Organization This fridge is small it is more for a family of two or less. It has three bins that are deep pockets and hold a lot. But my issue is that you are extremely limited in putting a bottle of wine or a gallon of milk etc, So the height of the shelf are not convenient but you cannot change the height of the shelves because the bins are set in it's area. Temperature Control extremely easy to set temperature to your liking for top and the freezer. Ease of Cleaning Very easy. The door has mini shelves compartments that easily pops out and easy to wash with warm water. Durability Mines still works it is used more as an outside BBQ fridge during the summer months. It's about 6 years. Design Love it, simple, clean modern looking



great size for smaller spaces


we have had this LG LRBT1031T for about one year and have been very happy with this purchase. It is not a full sized refrigerator but it is what we needed for the space we have in the kitchen. The color is titanium and it is beautiful. The best thing about titanium is that it does not show any fingerprints. It is very quiet and has adjustable shelves as well as adjustable door shelves. The freezer at the bottom has three drawers and has worked out very well and is very easy to see what is in the freezer. the ice is made quickly as there is a shelf that has a flash freeze that makes it freeze quickly. Overall very happy with this purchase.

Uniondale, NY


Too cold


Overall this refrigerator is satisfactory, although if I had to do it over I would probably buy the Samsung which is taller, and more expensive, as this particular refrigerator runs very cold and has a tendency to freeze things stored in the back even when on a very low setting. I have lost many lettuce heads and quarts of cream due to this idiosyncrasy. Noise Level Fairly quiet! Interior Organization Hard to store milk jugs, space between shelves makes this difficult . Wastes space. Storage on doors results in accelerated milk spoilage. Temperature Control As before too cold in back, maybe poor circulation. Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean

Albuquerque, NM


LG 10 cu. ft. Cabinet Depth Refrigerator

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