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Lexmark E260D Laser Printer

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This Lexmark E260D Laser Printer holds up to abuse


The lexmark E260D Laser printer is pretty great and reasonably priced for a laser printer.  Working in an automotive repair shop the enviroment is not friendly to many things especially electronics and computers and their accessories.  This printers seems to take the heat, the cold, the dirt, etc.  When its hot is is very hot and can reach 110 degrees in the summer exposure and when its cold its very cold and can be under 32 degrees indoors.  It seems to have been able to pass the test of time and hold up under extreme conditions.  This printer has great reliability hardly ever jams and handles even being loaded with greasey fingers by the large crew of mechanics that handle their work load through a shared networked laser printer.  Changing paper is a snap and we have been impressed with the cost of the replacement heads for ink.  This printer when used in an extreme work environment was not expected to hold up but it has surpriesed us all and will recommenfd to others.  


Tuckerton, NJ


The printer that can actually keep up!


This Lexmark E260D is a rather high paced printer. The warmup time is very small and the printer is able to print documents, and photos (black and white) at a very rapid pace. I use it for the small business I work for and it easily handles all of my printing needs. I print invoices, payroll, and other documents with just a simple click. Typically the only time It doesnt function as intended is when the unit is out of paper (which is rather easy to load)  This printer also has a manual feed on the front of the machine so you can print exactly to the particular peice of paper you want ie. Checks are a breeze. This printer is shared on my network at work and other users print to it often with no problems as well. The only issue I have with this printer is that occasionally the Exlamation mark will be highlighted and I have to power off the printer and power it back on to reset everything. It often does this in cycles. I may go 2-3 weeks with none but then get 2-3 in one day. Other than that I love this printer.


Evansville, IN


Lexmark E260D Laser Printer

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