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LEGO Racers Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 (8169)

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Great Lego car


I never even knew Lego made these mini scale cars based off real life cars. I would love to start a collection. Unfortunately these are a bit pricey so just a word of advice: these are not cheap! But I definitely do like my lamborghini. The car comes with doors that open, a hood that opens, wheels that spin, a fully decked out inside with seats and wheel and control panel. The motor in the back looks amazing and it's really neat how Lego designed the engine with ordinary lego pieces. Makes you really respect the designers who put this set together. The car took me about fifty minutes to build after sorting out all the pieces beforehand. This is not too bad since it's fifty minutes that you only have to spend once, unless you decide to destroy it and rebuild it again of course. It looks really nice and i get compliments on it all the time. The car is yellow by the way and as far as i know, there are no other colors available for this set so that's what you get.

Los Angeles, CA


I would like to give this 5 stars but cant


As my title states, I would love to give this Lego set of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP a five out of five star rating. Unfortunately, i cannot as the set came with a missing set and a damaged piece. Very odd since Lego has never produced, from my experience, a set with a missing piece or a damaged piece in the ten years that I have been purchasing Lego products. The set would have taken me about an hour to make but to my horror, realized midway that one of the most important pieces was damaged. So, I ended up returning my set to my local Lego store in the mall. I have the enzo and so the lamborghini would have really done my shelf a one up. Unfortunately the Ferrari is alone since I had a negative experience with the lamborghini. I also cannot buy a new one as this thing is backordered (at the moment, things may change later). I also wish that they would offer the lamborghini in a different color as yellow does not appeal to everyone. I really hope another offering is in the pipelines.

South Pasadena, CA


car baby


As a kid, you've dreamed of having a whip that exceeds the limits of the road but street legal but money was a short on cash?. well dream no more. As you save to get the ride of your dreams this  **LEGO Racers Lamborghini Gallardo LP **will have to satisfy you need for speed needs until that day of glory comes. What you say, you just collecting, well if your the type to collect the most valuable cars, this one of a piece exotic will be the peach to you pair. many just say ITS just a car, don't lose you pants over something so reckless but if you know speed then is speedster is the one for you. Its kid friendly, a good collectible or if you one of those people who make movies just for fun or other reasons animation this car is a good contender. as must i could say, this car has made a big impression as a real model car and has el voled beyond its exotic counter parts. If you like it get.     

Sumter, SC


LEGO Racers Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 (8169)

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