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Baby and Toddler
LEGO Primo Blocks

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Lego Primo Blocks are great legos for beginners/little ones


Lego Primo Blocks are a great lego for beginners and little ones.  The Lego Primo Blocks are big enough that the little child can not fit them in their mouth.  Smaller babies (under six months) would have trouble holding the block, but children six month and older should be able to hold the blocks (although they are not good at stacking yet).  Two of the blocks are rattles.  My little one likes to hold the block and shake it.  The Lego Primo Block set also comes with one car on wheels.  Older children can stack the Lego Primo Blocks and if they stack them on the little car, they can drive the blocks around.  One of the circular Primo Blocks that is a rattle is colored like a frog.  The other rattle is shaped like a flower.  The holes on the bottom of the Primo Blocks are big enough that the child can put the blocks on their little feet (at least, my little one likes to do that).  The older children play with their Little Legos and Duplo blocks, and my little ones can play with their Lego Primo Blocks.  These blocks also come in their very own frog shaped plastic container --  I like to have sturdy homes for our toys.  Lego Primo Blocks are are great legos for little ones and beginners.

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LEGO Primo Blocks

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