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LEGO House 4956

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Great Lego house


Set 4956 is a great addition to one's city collection. It is a lego creator theme and that means you can build this in several ways. this set goes hand in hand with other creator and city sets such as green grocer, the fire station, etc. if you're interested in lego homes, i recommend checking out lego set 6754, lego creator set 4996, lego creator set 5891, and the newly itroduced lego city house (i forget the model set number). all these homes that i listed, including the set featured in this review, offer great suburban-type middle class homes for your lego minifigures. if you line them up in a lego neighborhood they look fantastic. this set comes with 731 pieces and what's great with the creator series is that there are different models that can be built. for this particular set, there are instructions to build three other sets in case you get bored. the main model set allows you to buld a garage, driveway, fence, and of course, the red home. Overall, a good set.

Los Angeles, CA


Legos are a classic toy!!


Legos are a classic toy that provide hours of fun!!  This House set is fun and comes with some neat house features that make it fun to build and make it cute and neat!  This set can provide hours and hours of fun.  I believe Legos also encourage lots of creativity and teaches children to follow directions and patience (as you go through several pages to build the house).  But, after getting through all the building it is always so gratifying to look at what you built and created.  I would recommend being careful with the small pieces (especially if you have little ones in the house that put things in their mouth...they could easily choke on these legos) and be careful they don't get lost in the rug because I can't tell you how many Legos I have vacuumed up.  One downfall to Legos is that they are relatively expensive - I have paid quite a bit of money for not alot of plastic.  But, Legos have provided my family with hours of fun over many, many years.

Layton, UT


encourages creative play


This was a hit with my older daycare kids, they love to build it and to use it as a dollhouse, we have a ton of legos so it is just one part of a creative city etc. These toys are super sturdy, will be around for your grandkids if you chose to hang onto them

Baxter, MN


Hours of fun


The Lego House has provided hours of fun for my 6 year old girl.  She received it as a gift for Christmas last year. She required some help putting the whole thing together initially.  It actually was a great project for her and her dad to do together.  Since getting it together, she uses Lego people to create stories using the house.  You can lift the roof off the house to play inside with your figurines.  The house is very realistic.  It has several rooms, a front porch, garage with working door and garden.  You can actually build 3 different types of houses depending on which instructions you follow.  Every morning, my daughter gets up and plays with the house and figurines.  It's fun to stand at her bedroom door and listen to the stories that she makes up.  Definitely encourages creativity.  The only negative is that it is so many small pieces.  A lot of children would probably have a hard time keeping it together and not losing pieces.

Franklin, TN


LEGO House 4956

4.3 4