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LEGO Eiffel Tower 1:300

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Hours of building... Tons of detail


Huge lego model.  Stands 42.5" in height.  This model has a lot of redundant building in it.  The "legs" of the eiffel tower requires some patience and attention to detail.  I enjoyed building the tower.  The price is great for the number of pieces included in the set.  Once built the model is difficult to move without causing too much damage to the finished product.  You should build the model in a location where you plan to display it.  The base of the model seems very fragile.  I quickly found out how fragile the model is when my children knocked the model over.  The entire model was completed in approximately 5-6 hours total.  I would definitely recommend this building set for teens and adults who enjoy building lego sets   Total build time:  5-6 hours

Louisville, KY


Lego Eiffel tower


This lego set is pretty lifelike. The Lego Eiffel Tower is 1:300 in scale, allowing you to have a mini rendition of the Eiffel tower in your own bedroom or your children's bedroom. When guests come over they are always intrigued to see this model. And it is no surprise why. This thing looks magnificent! It is about 42 inches high, which is 108cm for those who prefer measurements in cm over inches, and the base is 20 by 20 inches, which comes to 50 by 50 cm. The neat thing about this Eiffel Tower is that it can be broken down to three separate chunks, which make carrying and transporting the eiffel tower a lot easier since it doesn't have to go in one piece. There is a lot going on with the eiffel tower. There is a nice french flag at the very top, and there is even an elevator as well. The tower stands on top of a green baseplate to complete the grass look. This is marked by lego to be a hard and exclusive item to find so if you see it you definitely should buy it.

Los Angeles, CA


LEGO Eiffel Tower 1:300

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