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LEGO City Coast Guard Patrol Boat Tower

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Lego Patrol Boat Tower is a Great Set!


My six and eight year old sons are huge Lego fans, and they have recently become interested in the "City" series, as opposed to Star Wars, Power Miners, etc. The "City" line includes a fire station, police station, house, etc., so to me these sets have much more potential for imaginative play than more specific sets tied to characters like Star Wars or Power Miners. We picked the City Coast Guard Patrol Boat Tower as one of our first purchases in the City line, as the boys love boats. First off, I should note that this is NOT a water/bath toy, unless you enjoy little Lego bits clogging up your water pipes! :-) The set has a nice size boat, the tower, a dock, three figures, and a couple other pieces. Unfortunately it is not a cheap set, but our boys enjoy rescuing people out of the water, capsizing the boat, etc. Of course they make their own modifications to the set pieces using extra legos, and it neat to see how they poersonalize the toys.

Vero Beach, FL


Great lego set


This is a great set for the Lego collector. It comes with the main rig, the orange boat, along with a surfer, a shark, 2 poles, a dock, and a Coast Guard patrol tower. It comes with three patrol guards. My kids love to play with this thing during their bath. Unfortunately, the choppy water makes the boat a bit hard to stay afloat. In fact, unless the water is perfectly still this boat sinks and capsizes rather easily. But that's somewhat of a moot point since this is not really intended to be played in the water. The great thing about Legos is that they can be broken apart and built into something completely new. So, if your child doesn't like firefighters/policemen/patrol guard etc then he can equip the boat with some lasers and missiles and make it something completely different--that's the beauty of Lego sets. The tower also can be modified to be a radio patrol tower instead of a coast guard patrol tower. You can easily pick up a radeo antennae that can be placed at the top of the tower for a more futuristic feel.

South Pasadena, CA


LEGO City Coast Guard Patrol Boat Tower

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