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LA's Totally Awesome
LA's Totally Awesome Orange All Purpose Degreaser

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This is a Awesome Cleaner!


I give this a 10 because, since I first used it, I don't use any other product for cleaning in my kitchen. It removes grease and gunk from my stove top so easily. It cleans my stainless sink so clean and shiny. My counters shine! I spray some on a damp rag and it cleans off fingerprints and grime off the doors and handles. In the bathroom it cleans the outside of the toilets, counters and ceramic sinks so well. I use it in the laundry room to clean the outside of the machines...comes out sooo clean! And you can't beat the price! Performance I use this product almost everywhere in the house. Kitchen and bathroom counters, stove top, sinks, and microwave. I use this to clean the inside of my refrigerator by spraying onto a warm wet rag, and my fridge comes out so very clean. All the grime that gets stuck in nooks and crannies comes out and fridge sparkles. It's not for use on wood furniture, mirrors or on glass. I am so pleased with the cleaning performance of this product. My kitchen looks and smells so clean. Scent The scent smells fresh and clean. Not at all a strong odor.

Palm Springs, CA


one for the record books


La's Totally Awesome is the best name you could give this produce, I sound very silly when I tell someone knew about it, and then realize my description of AWESOME is well.. AWESOME! lol. It has a very pleasant scent and seems to work very nice on things, I usually but the Regular Awesome cleaner but my husband had a huge spill in the garage of an oil tub he didn't put the lid on after changing the oil in truck. It went all over the floor and got onto several of my towels sitting in a laundry basket. I was so mad as It could have been prevented. Anyway, I was out of awesome and ran to store and saw the orange one, it worked very well! I sprayed it on all my towels and pretreated it for abou 20 min then put in washer on extended wash, they all came out clean, it was great!, the 1 white towel still had a little bit in the stitching but for the most part it saved 4 towels and got that nasty motor oil smell out of the towels, Now he will definitely be putting the lid on the oil next time, because I don't want to make it an awesome job if I dont have too



LA's Totally Awesome Orange All Purpose Degreaser

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