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LA's Totally Awesome Famous Multi-Surface Degreaser & Spot Remover, Lavender

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Nothing spectacular.


I went out and found this LA's Totally Awesome and Famous cleaner because I have heard so many people giving it such a rave review that I figured that I could give it a shot and see how well it worked. When I went to look for it I saw this multi-surface cleaner which I thought was great because I love to use my cleaners on all kinds of surfaces, and also the scent being Lavender seemed nice because my house always smells a lot like bleach from all of the cleaning that I do with it and I thought this would be a good change. I used this on my counters and my stove top the first time after I had finished making dinner and started to clean up. I let it soak on there since everything was a little stuck on for a few minutes like I always do. After about five minutes I came back to wipe it off and with any other cleaner, it usually wipes off really quick. This really didn't loosen things up very fast. I had to scrub pretty hard to get anything off of my counter and go over it many times on the stove to get all the grease off of it. The smell is actually pretty awful like an old woman, It made me have to sneeze and gave me a headache, it was not a nice soft Lavender. It just does not have enough power for me, it did not handle the stuck on items and grease like I would expect a cleaner to do.



LA's Totally Awesome Famous Multi-Surface Degreaser & Spot Remover, Lavender

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