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LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack Plus

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I like it pretty well


I think it work pretty well on skin if you have aging problems like fine lines.



Absolutely love it!


I've used this product for over a year now and I absolutely love it! The water sleeping pack is design to be applied at night and washed off in the morning. To apply, use the little spoon that comes with the package and scoop out the desired amount. Than apply a thin layer on your face and I like to extended down my neck as well. This will hydrate and brighten your skin over night. The texture of this product is like a light cream gel. It is not sticky but it feels like it contains a lot of moisture. I use this product every other night during the winter time because it gets dry in my room and moisturizer just isn't enough. It makes my skin feel dewy and plump in the morning and I like it a lot. It does have a fragrance that some people might not like, but it's quite light and I actually like it. The scent gives a relaxing feel which is why I like it. I usually apply this mask after my toner, essence and emulsion.



Award Winning - Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Mask


This award-winning mask is by South Korea's famous cosmetic brand LANEIGE. It is one of the top proven working products listed by numerous asian beauty and fashion magazines. It is also the company's bestseller. My skin was so dehydrated I avoid putting makeup on since foundation accentuated my fine lines and flakiness. I traveled to asia every year, and early this year I read a lot of bravo reviews about the greatness of this bestselling mask in some magazines, and of course I was sold. I purchased one jar, just to try it out. Per instructed, I put a medium thick layer on the whole area of my face, avoiding the eye area, and go to sleep with it. If you are a side sleeper, you may want to do this a little bit earlier before you go to sleep, so at least it dries a bit and won't mess up your pillow. I am a side sleeper myself. What I do is to sleep on the edge of the pillow so only my ear rest on the pillow case. On my first use, the next morning, I washed my face off with luke warm water. My skin felt so soft and supple. I put some foundation on. The flakiness is noticeably much less problematic. I was so exhilirated I bought another 2 jars of it and brought them back to the US. (I thought Laneige products are not available in the US, but I'm happy to find out that there is a Korean place in my town that sells them). I would recommend it to anyone with dehydated skin. It's a life saver!!

Sunnyvale, CA


LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack Plus

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