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LA Looks
LA Looks Curl Defining & Frizz Control Gel

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Worth Trying on your curls


LA Looks Curl Defining and Frizz Control Gel  keeps my curls defined and frizz free.  Love the curly, wavy look but hates when it starts to loose shape and frizz-out?  Get your hair ready for lasting frizz free hair.  This gel won't flake out and it is alcohol free.  Hair is soft and ready to bounce.  LA Looks can be used on blow dry hair or air dryed hair.  It is safe for color treated hair.  The gel is another product that can be used daily.  You will not be disappointed.  Use this product and it will only do just what it says on the bottle.   The product is made by Henkel Consumer Goods and they are also the makers of Got2Be.  Don't let anyone give you a negative feedback of this product.  This product  works exceptionally and is available in every pharmacy.  If you have extra thick hair this product is just what you are looking for.  Read my review.  I have been applying this product to my hari for more than seven years.  Enjoy reading this review.

South Amboy, NJ


LA Looks Curl Defining & Frizz Control Gel

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