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L`Oreal Sublime Self Tan Ltn Tint Md Dp 5

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Not as good as the spray or towlettes


This is a great brand but the lotion is not the best of them all. I personally LOVE the spray and have had wonderful success with it. I use the spray a few times a week. However, the lotion is very touch and go. You have to be sooo carefull to rub it in perfectly and not leave any areas that have more lotion than others. If you don't it will definately leave streaks. Also, very carefully wash your hands (without washing off the lotion from the tops of your hands). The towelletts work very well also, I just can't seem to find them in my area. I have found that around your knees, behind the knees, elbows, fingers and knuckles, toes, ankles, wrist bones are areas that will get darker if you don't use less than you put everywhere else. Also, you have to watch around your face as well. If you do not make sure to evenly rub and smooth into your forehead and around eyebrows, you will have lines.

Kansas City, MO


Use this almost every time I wear shorts or dresses


I have been using the L'oreal Sublime Self Tan lotion for about four years now. I can't live without this product! I don't like to go out in the sun much, nor is it good for you. I am Asian and have medium yellow toned skin, not really light or really dark.  In the Spring when it is getting warmer and I start wearing less clothes and start wearing tank tops or shorts, I always make sure I put this on after I shower. My arms and neck are pretty tan but my legs and below my neck/chest area are not because of the lack of sun exposure. This lotion gives my skin an overall even tan that looks so natural I can't even tell the difference between my real tan or the fake one.  I like this because you can just apply it once and the tan is noticeable within half an hour. So it is great when you are in a hurry and can't wait two days for your tan to show up (something I get annoyed with using the Jergens self tan lotion). If my legs are really white looking I'll apply two coats. I make sure I let it dry for a few minutes before putting my clothes on. I like that there is a shimmer to it. Makes my skin look extra luminous.  One thing I get annoyed with though is that the stuff comes off a bit on your towel after you shower. Also make sure to apply evenly or else you'll end up with a streaky tan, since this tan lotion is pretty dark.  

Lake Forest, CA


Do NOT like sparkles in my lotion.


I can't always make it to the tanning booth so I have been using self tanners for a couple years inbetween sessions.  This one though, has sparkles in it.  I am too old for sparkles all over my body, lol!  I haven't tried the others but afraid they will also.  It does a good job tanning without staining your clothes (if you wait 5 minutes).  Just wish they would make it without glitter or sparkles.

Seymour, IN


L`Oreal Sublime Self Tan Ltn Tint Md Dp 5

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