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L.O.C. Amway's L.O.C. cleaner

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my mom sold amway too :)


I just wrote a review about a Shaklee product, my mom also sold Amway products as well in later years, so we had quite a variety of experience with a lot of different products. Amways L.O.C. cleaner was a staple in our house while I was a teenager, I can still picture the jug of it under the sink. It was convenient to have one product that pretty much did it all. Again, a non toxic and organic type product that was one of very few available many years ago, it is still around because it is that good. Pretty much cleans anything you can think of from grease and dirt to crayon marks on the walls and mirrors. This can even be added to that extra dirty load of laundry to boost the cleaning power of your detergent. Performance I can't think of much that we didn't clean with our LOC cleaner and were never disappointed. Scent Amway LOC is pleasantly scented, no overpowering chemicals or strong perfumes, just leaves everything clean smelling and fresh.




I love this cleaner and so will you


An old friend from high school started selling Amway products and I was skeptical buying one of these "marketing" products that he so highly praised.  After using it just once, I was hooked.  I have 2 children under the age of 2 so I'm very cautious about what cleaning products I use in my home.  I can rest assured using this product because I know its natural, safe and doesn't have harsh overpowering odors like most cleaners do.  I've used this on just about every surface in my home and it always cleans wonderfully.It has taken permanant marker out of carpet, scuff marks from floors, mopped the floors, removed old stains in carpet and so much more!  It has a light pleasant fragrance that is very fresh and clean smelling.  This product comes in a concentrated form so once diluted this product lasts a LONG time thus making it cost efficient as well.  I highly recommend this product.  Once you try this product you will highly recommend it too!


Timberville, VA


A truly great product


Amway's L.O.C cleaner is one of the best products they carry.  It was one of the first and still remains this day.  They expanded from just a multi-purpose cleaner to a bath cleaner and one or two more varieties of L.O.C. cleaner because it is just that great.  It's a concentrated solution so you do dilute it with water and that helps get you more for your money.  It has a light fragrance as not to overpower your senses when you're cleaning.  It's very effective and can be used all over the house especially in the kitchen and bathroom.  It's an organic cleaner and does the job to remove grease, dirt, and stains in the kitchen, bathroom, for floors.  It really is a product to use all around the house and saves you from buying all those other specified use cleaners.  When people think of Amway products this is one that comes to mind and one that can be praised.  I can't imagine using anything else.


Grand Rapids, MI


Multipurpose and very economical!! Safe too!


Amway's L.O.C. cleaner is super! I can't rave enough about how wonderful this product is.  I recommend it highly and often!  It is very affordable and when you break down the cost per ounce and even how much you will save by not having to purchase other cleaning products, you find this is a super deal!  L.O.C. is concentrated and uses just a little and goes a long way.  It is safe so I can use it around my daughter, without gloves, around my pets and not worry about the usual hazards associated with cleaning products.  I have used L.O.C. on items that have been inside of a house that caught fire and restored them back to "before" condition, removed greasy residue in the kitchen, washed my vehicle, washed clothing, washed dishes, cleaned windows (streak free), sanitized items, mopped floors and the list goes on and on and on.  All with this one product.  I no longer purchase separate window, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, stain and floor cleaners.  I no longer have to wade through a bunch of cans and bottles under my kitchen sink... I have one bottle containing the mixture and the L.O.C. bottle with the concentrated liquid.  It is awesome and I hope you can find it so you'll sing its praises too!


Concord, NC


L.O.C. Amway's L.O.C. cleaner

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