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Free Shipping With LL Bean Visa


My husband and I have excellent credit and have several different credit cards, but the one I use quite often is my LL Bean Visa. I decided to get this credit card years ago when LL Bean offered free shipping if I used their card to make my purchases. I live in Alaska and shipping fees can be exhorbitant! I took advantage of the offer and I have never regretted owning this credit card. My purchases result in gift certificates that can be used at the LL Bean stores, and when I figure in the free shipping this makes for smart shopping! The interest on our LL Bean Visa card is only 9.99%, which is a good rate. Customer service is easy to get ahold of, and they are prompt and efficient in handling any disputes. I had a dispute with a charge on my card back in July and their customer service rep handled it quickly, crediting the amount back to my card in 3 days! I pay off my balances every month so I never have any interest charges. I have been very pleased with this company and will continue to use my LL Bean Visa. Customer Service Always handle my account professionally and the last time they credited back a dispute in as little as 2 days. Available Rates My interest rate is only 9.99%, but I pay off balances so I never pay any fees.

Eagle River, AK


llbean visa card is the best


i have been using ll bean visa card for 20 years now. The company does a great job watching the account for any strange or unusual large amounts being credited. when they see something different they have contacted me to see if it was my purchase. No other card service has ever done this for me before. I also called there billing department and asked if they could change the date due on payments so it would make it a bit easier for me to pay on time.  they quickly changed it for me.  i had another credit card with someone else and the billing department would not do this for me. I was late paying once because of a family emergency. I called the billing dept and they removed the late fee charge as I asked them to. I was informed that I was a good customer and they appreciated me calling. I also had a problem with a retailer not wanting to replace  a defective item, ll bean visa representative went to bat for me and I got a replacement. I dont know of another credit card company that would do this for a consumer. I purchase everything on this card and acumulate enough points that i can purchase most of my gifts for nothing at ll beans.  where else can you do this.....   the money i save goes into a retirement account.

Wayne, ME


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