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L.A. Colors
L.A. Colors Liquid Makeup

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Won't last long


L.A. Colors Liquid Makeup is a pretty sub par brand in my opinion. It's not because of it's general overall low cost. It's overall quality is just not as good as the bigger brands. On the positive side, I have to admit it blends pretty well and there are about 6 or 7 color shades to choose from. ( Not nearly as extensive as many of the big name cosmetics brands). The liquid makeup doesn't cover as much as it should, It blends well but still leaves a veil look on the surface of your skin. It also does not last sufficiently for all day wear. It seems to wear off after a few hours. For some reason, it also seems to cause an increase in acne. It feels light but I am unsure if it is oil based. I don't use it anymore because it seems to cause my skin to have an increase in breakouts.



Inexpensive makeup that does the job


I first tried the ELF makeup foundation, several years ago and found that a light and a dark bottle allowed for easy blending as the seasons change.The only problem with this makeup is that it can have a nasty odor. Bottles are screw top with a pump top. Not too prone to clogging up.

Spokane, WA


L.A. Colors Liquid Makeup

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