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L.A. Colors
L.A. Colors L.A. Colors 5 Color Metalics in "Tease"

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Colors are a Bit Harsh


L.A. Colors eye shadows are a bit too harsh for my taste. I prefer something with a lot of shimmer and a more subtle color, but this eye shadow falls more into the "bright colors" category. I would find this to be a better option for those who are into loud and bold makeup. The quality seems pretty good, but I honestly haven't used it much because I was not a big fan.





Honestly,I have no idea where I got this eye shadow palette. It was probably a birthday gift from a relative or a friend. I don't normally go for bright colors but i found this in my eye shadow drawer and decided I would try it out. I put it on and I noticed right away that ma and this eye shadow palette would not be getting along.First of all I like to stay in my comfort zone with all of my neutrals so this was all to bright for me. I do like the color payoff, IT is simply incredible. This would probably be a good palette for an elementary student that likes to play with makeup. It would even probably be good for a Halloween makeup look. Although I don't like the colors for my everyday look, I will definitely be keeping this palette for a special occasion. Overall this is a good product, Wouldn't recommend it to any of my friends but it's not a bad product. I would like to try this again but in a different color choice.



I was unimpressed by three out of five of these colors.


The best thing about this L.A. Colors five color palette is that is very affordable! However, I advise anyone purchasing this eyeshadow palette to be aware that what you are paying for is most likely only about half of the eyeshadows in the set, if not less. The blue and hot pink are pretty bold and bright. Their appearance in the case is basically true to the actual color that ends up on your lids after application. I especially love the hot pink! Unfortunately, the yellowy, the orange, and the green eyeshadows are not half as bold or vibrant and are actually pretty disappointing, in my opinion. The yellow is too metallicish and not enough color. The orange is very bland and a much more faded shade of orange than it appears to be on the palette. The green eyeshadow is the most disappointing of all. It is very dull and does not really improve at all, no much how much you attempt to layer onto your eyelid. However, for the cheap price that I paid for this item, I cannot be angry about the three colors that failed to meet my standards, because even for the two eyeshadow colors that I do use, the price is a great deal!

Glendora, CA


L.A. Colors L.A. Colors 5 Color Metalics in "Tease"

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