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Kyocera - Candid Cell Phone

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This is the phone to own!


I love to easyness of using this phone, most of all LOVE the camera and how easy it is to download it to my computer, and send pics to family and friendss. Also love being able to have internet accses, can not live w/out that!

Conover, WI


Best basic camera phone for the money.


I love my phone and don't want to upgrade!  Problem is, I need a new battery after 10 mos., and have to order it from the manufacturer.  The stores don't sell it anymore. The price of the replacement battery is more than a new phone, so I guess I'll have to upgrade.  The features on the phone are easy to use and navigate.

Akron, OH


Not the fanciest thing out there, but a very nice camera phone


I'm a college student on a budget, so I can't go out and buy the latest fully-loaded blackberry, but I also like to have a reliable phone that lets me call, text, picture message, and check my E-mail.  I've been very pleased with this phone.  The camera is fairly low-res, so it's mainly "just for fun" instead of for taking real pictures.  The only major con is that while you can put polyphonic sounds on it, you can't assign them as ringers.  You can however use any MIDI file as a ringtone.

Pittsburgh, PA


Kyocera - Candid Cell Phone

4.3 3