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Kyocera - Oystr Cell Phone

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A good no-frills phone


I use my phone only for making phone calls - not for listening to music or surfing online - so I didn't need a smart phone. I wanted a cheap phone, just something to make emergency calls, and text if needed. I like that you pay as you go, and are not stuck with a contract. I don't have trouble with reception, and would recommend this phone for someone who just needs a basic, no-frills phone.


North Tonawanda, NY


terrible plan


The phone itself is great to look at and seems pretty durable.  The size is handy and the ringtones are okay.  But the  pre pay plan itself, where it is charged by money instead of minutes and it is very expensive and the time goes by very quickly. It is hard to judge how much time you have left. I would definetly not recommend this phone to anyone.


Saint Paul, MN


Low cost phone for those who think phones are just for calls.


This is a phone for someone who does not make a lot of calls and only wants to avoid having to search for payphones. The keypad is reasonably sized, even for those who have large fingers and the font on the screens is large enough to be used by those with less than perfect vision. The voice quality is decent for an inexpensive device.Some negatives about the phone especially for those who are budget conscious: - The built-in ring tones are very annoying and to get different ones you need to pay for them. - The icons are small and hard to distinguish. - You will get voice and text messages and only way to get rid of them is to spend time and money listening to them; there is no clear all capability.


Arlington, VA


cool,easy, dependable


this phone out performs many expensive phones ,i have had many many phones from different makers but this one is top on my list of dependable phones,virgin also has free weekends and free night for as low as 50 bucks a month including minute's cant beat it any way ya slice it  really good ,easy to use great graphics.


somerville, MA


A simple phone that will last you a long time.


Yes, the Kyocera Oyster cellular phone is cheap and very simple, however this mobile phone has lasted me forever! I have had this phone for approximately five years! Trust me, my Oyster has been through some rough times during those five years; it has been dropped, banged up, thrown about it inside of my purse and backpack, and more, yet it is still standing strong to this day. This phone is definitely suited for someone who wants just the basic features that a cell phone could offer or someone who is not very technologically advanced. If you are someone who loves all the latest features that cell phones are offering, this phone is not for you. Also, this phone is great for someone on a budget because it is extremely low price, not to mention it works with Virgin Mobile pre-paid cards, which are pretty affordable if you set up a no contract monthly plan upon purchasing a Virgin Mobile card. I love my Oyster, simple as it is. No phone has lasted me longer.


Glendora, CA


I have yet to have a lost-dropped call with my phone.


I was given my first cellphone by my Mom. She didn't know what to do with it. She had received it as a Christmas present, which soon became one of my Christmas presents. I like my Virgin Mobile service and the Kyocera. I prepay, not tied down to a contract, I didn't grow up with a phone so I mainly use this for emergencies. And more so because the pay phones have become extinct. Well our daughter went off to a college program so I gave her the phone to use since she was down in Florida, and I was in Michigan. Boy that really came in handy. She took her Kyocera phone with her everywhere, and called home ALOT! (Do you think she was a little home sick?) One night she went to go and pick up pizza for her room mates and herself. Well had she not had the phone on her I would of not known what happened to her. She got hit by a car. Some nice young man picked up her Virgin Mobile phone and saw home program and called to tell me what had happened, a mother's worst nightmare being so far away. The Kyocera held up, and was clear even after being slammed to the ground. I didn't use the phone for awhile when my daughter came home, and like most batteries the charges on batteries do not last that long, after time. So here I am now back to work, and I Accidetently locked my keys in my car, never did that before. And I had to ask someone to borrow their cell phone. A few days later I parked on a incline and my car kept choking out because I was so low. Finally my hubby told me I need to get a phone. I guess he thought I was losing my mind having done this, twice in one week. So I decided I think it's time, for this ol'lady of 40 something to get a new one. I knew I didn't want the monthly payments and contracts, that was a turn off to me. So I ordered a new one the Kyocera Osystr flip phone, nothing fancy, still no contracts or monthly bills. When I get low, I just top off. I like it because I haven't had a dropped call, I can put it on speaker phone mode. My kind of phone. Cheap, and great for the occasional user. 


Somewhere in Time, MI


Okay, But Stopped Working Under Normal Use!!!!!


This was a Kroycera Oyster Phone, it was under the Virgin Moblie Network, it was of clamshell design colored pearled. The phone working for a couple of months between six and ten months however it stopped working all of a sudden. I just had it in my pocket and was painting a poster on the floor like I had done many times before. And the screen didn't want to display, the numbers would turn on. Charged it to make sure it wasn't the battery however it never work, had to buy new phone. Before it stopped working it was a great phone for first time users. It had voice calling, texting, internet access, gaming options, and although a camera was not installed on the phone it did have picture messaging, and has no bluetooth installed. It was kind of bulky because it didn't have a slim design the battery life was go it last for a day or two under normal use. It had kind of general default designs included but had the option for download. Overall great phone for first time users, but did stop working under normal use and conditions.


Mission, TX


Great phone for the price!


I love the convenience of not having a contract and the phone is inexpensive - FREE actually, if you are a new customer. Plus, there lots of options for adding more minutes - you can purchase cards, use paypal, choose a monthly plan, etc. The only compaint I have is that it doesn't seem to hold a charge for very long. Overall, I'm very satisfied, though.


Warren, MI


Nice size, short battery life, died after 2.5 years


I had the Oystr cell phone from Virgin Mobile until it dies on me. While I generally liked the size and features on it, I felt that the battery died pretty quick on it. I had to recharge it every 3 or 4 days, and it was even turned off from 9-5. The phone also stopped working after I'd had it about 2.5 years. It was a cheap phone (and is even cheaper now), so I would still recommend it from that aspect, though the newer ones I feel have a longer battery life.


Bloomington, IN


The Oyster was good if you dont call people that often


The Oyster was a good phone. It was a little slow but that was ok if you didn't call people that often. It had a fun game already on it. I loved playing it (Race 21). I would continue to use it but I needed a plan with more minutes at a lower price. Pre paid can get expense.


Albuquerque, NM


Kyocera - Oystr Cell Phone

3.4 11