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Kyocera Cell Phone

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This phone is cheap and it shows in its performance.


This phone is cheap and there is a reason why- because it sucks! Yes, it looks better than the Kyocera Oyster (which is another cheap phone that works with Virgin Mobile), but trust me, you'd be better off with the Kyocera Oyster! The MARBL Kyocera phone really, really lags. By this, I mean you can be writing a text message and be in the process of typing the fourth word, yet only the first or second word will be appearing on the screen. I was constantly having to pause and let the phone catch up to me. That is absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion; you should never have to do that on a cell phone! The ringtones that are included on it are alright. The phone is so ill-performing, however, that honestly, it would be unwise to purchase any ringtones if you have this phone because you will be so disappointed in it that if it has not stopped working properly all together yet, you will almost definitely want to replace it with a different phone.

Glendora, CA


Great, Nice Design, Great Basic Features for Basic Users!!!!!


This is the Kroycera Marbl phone for the Virgin Mobile Network, it is a clamshell phone with a nice high tech design of black with sliver. It is a basic clamshell phone slightly thick than those clamshell phones of now. It has a black with sliver exterior, with no external display it only has the Virgin Mobile Logo. Inside its completely silver with the keypad the sticks up do you can feel the buttons, kind of bad because the keypad can get damage if something gets into it however mine worked perfect. Screen right size, for texting, internet connect, voice calling, gaming, and although no camera you can photo message, and no bluetooth is included. The battery life lasted for about two to three days under basic use. You do have to open the phone to get the time. The default features for display on the phone are kind of basic however it has the feature for downloads. Overall its a great phone for basic users who will just use it for texting and voice calls, i had it for about only four to six months after that I replaced it with a new models the TNT which is a smaller clamsell with a nice slick design.

Mission, TX


sometimes, you get more than what you paid for


Virgin Mobile is a pay-as-you-go mobile phone provider: no contracts, no mess, just the thing for people that are sick and tired of traditional cell phone companies. You want a phone? This is the thing for you: the MARBL is an easy-to-use small phone that works well for communication purposes (txt, email, voice). Carpe diem: if you are somebody who talks/text like crazy, and love to take/send photos, videos, etc, and you do not care for the bill (lucky you :), this is not the service/phone for you. This is a cheap phone and cheap (but reliable) service.

Miami, FL


God Bless You!


I am a preacher.  I love the Lord! For He is my life. I live to serve Him and His people. I love writting about Him and telling people about Him. I am always doing something to lift the Savior up. For He said if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me!

Memphis, TN


cute and convenient


  Virgin Mobile MARBL is cute and convenient. MARBL is  fairly priced with good service,includes text messaging, downloadeable ringtones,games,ect. MARBL provides pretty good range for calls and offers automatic pay-in.  I recommend MARBL. MARBL features: - Full-color screen - Mobile Web Browsing - Text Messaging - Two way speakerphone - TTY/TDD enabled for the hearing impaired, HAC rating M4, T4 Battery Life - 3.8 hours talk time - 9 days standby time Dimensions - 3.3" high, 1.7" wide, .8" thick - Weigh-in: 2.96 ounces What You Get - Charger - Battery Stuff for Download - Real Music Ringtones - Graphics Digital Stuff - Exclusive content from *MTV - Ringtones, Games, TRL and more. - Get daily good-time nuggets delivered right to your phone. - Get voicemail greetings, crank calls, and more from your favorite Comedy Central shows.   SEE MARBLE at:  

South Bend, IN


Kyocera Cell Phone

4.0 5