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Kyocera - Cell Phone

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Well,at least it was free


This is an older phone that has since been discontinued. It is larger than the newer phones but I like that as I talk with the phone on my shoulder often.The call quality is ok but I do get some static when inside in the city. I try to not use the speakerphone often as it crackles and is hard to hear. I do not drop calls, which is a HUGE bonus. Picture quality is low. Sometimes when I'm trying to send a picture, the phone will freeze up and has to be reset. The ringer isn't very loud and I often miss calls if it's not on vibrate. Two of the three alarms work but the third just doesn't. Overall, it's a basic phone but it works for what i use it for, which is mostly calls and text messages.

Nashua, NH


A good phone for the price and service.


I have had this phone for about a year and a half and it worked good till about a month ago when the screen went out on it. So now I can receive calls but I don't know who they are so I can't do any screening and I had a lot of pictures and phone numbers saved on there that I've lost. But up till then it was a good phone I never had any trouble with it except once in a while it would freeze up when sending a picture to someone. The alarms worked on mine except you would have to turn them on by using the set button (even if the time was already at the time that you wanted) instead of just turning it on, if you clicked to turn it on it would start going off about 3 seconds later and then you would have to turn it off and reset it.

Louisville, KY


Kyocera - Cell Phone

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