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Kyocera - Card Cell Phone

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Good for texting.


I like the Kyocera Wildcard. It has a full qwerty keyboard and it has a built in camera. I find myself using this phone a lot. I used to be one to not text a whole lot, but this phone has brought out a different side of me. The reason I gave it 3 stars is because it is on a locked network and it doesn't play music. If it did, it would've gotten a higher rating from me, but overall, if you like to text, email and/or even IM by phone, it's great for that.


Chicago, IL




Was at Verizon Wireless to exchange a Qualcomm digital for a new trimode phone. They do a FREE exchange every 2 years for their customers. So I chose a Nokia 3285 & the Kyocera 2135. We saw them on display, but I wanted to "play with them". So I asked the clerk to charge each up so I can see the printout, menus, etc. Nokia was ready in 15 mins but the Kyocera didn't want to hold a charge. So she grabbed another box & tried to charge that one with the same lousy results. We told her thanks & took the Nokia! As we were leaving a lady came in with a 3 hour old Kyocera 2135 that she absolutely hated! Bad reception, had to keep telling folks to talk louder. Even the antenna snapped when she pulled it out to answer it. Kyocera (formerly Qualcomm) lost out big time with 2 of us!


Cleveland, OH


This phone meets my needs to make a call but is limited to basic


My Kyocera phone by Qualcomm is a very practical phone to have if you are not into taking pictures or instant messaging all the time. the phone has texting and calling features as well as tools like a handy tip calculator for when your at the expensive restaurant. I have had mine for a while and I think it does great, It has a good size,downloadable ringtones and graphics, but it is a step back from the technology that is available today.


Chesterton, IN


Nice phone for pay as you go price and top-up cards easy use


I have had this phone for a four years now, about ready to go with the product compared to other cell phone companies like samsung, LG etc.  But what I hat about the Virgin Mobile set is that roaming signals are tough to bring in so I miss alot of air time.  The decent price for airtime pales in comparison with tech problmes with other carriers.  I don't dare let this one go for fear the Verizon phones al give out, and I am on my third one now....


Houston, TX


Good working phone a little pricey for the features


glad to see that the Wild Card offers a larger screen. It measures 1.5 inches (128x128 pixels) and supports 262,000 colors. While it shows the date, the time, the battery life, the signal strength, and photo caller IDs, it's disappointing that it doesn't work as a viewfinder for the external display. And since the camera is located on the rear of the device, without a self-portrait mirror, vanity shots are difficult. But back to the display: You can change the brightness and set a screen saver. And I like that you can use it to navigate through most of the menus. The Wild Card's 500-contact phone book has room in each entry for six separate phone numbers, as well as two e-mail addresses, two Web site addresses, two street addresses, and notes. There are two preset caller groups, and we were able to create our own, as well. Though you can set separate "personal" and "business" ringtones, the Wild Card only comes with nine polyphonic tones. What's more, photo and ringtone caller ID is available only for groups. And like with other Virgin Mobile phones, we don't understand why the vibrate feature works only at the highest volume level or in silent mode. The M1000's organizer features include a voice memo; an event scheduler with day and month views; an alarm clock; a tip calculator; a timer; a stopwatch; and a calculator. Messaging features are plentiful; besides text and multimedia messaging, the Wild Card offers instant messaging and e-mail. Yet, it's too bad that then when starting a new text message you can't use the alphabetic keyboard to enter the name of one of your contacts. Instead, you must enter the number or pluck your contact from your phonebook.  


Lockport, NY


Kyocera Virgin Mobile Phones are not of good quality.


I think that "Kyocera Virgin Mobile" phones are definitely not of good quality because it is super slow. It takes a great deal of time to input just one telephone number. There are occasions when it does not vibrate to inform you that someone is calling. Although I honestly would not recommend this particular type of cell phone to any of my family members or friends, I would like, however, to commend virgin mobile for certain things that they do such as, sending messages to the cell phone when it is time to add minutes to the phone. Also once a month they will send updates to the phone about different services or offers that they would like me to accept.That is nice! The phone does not have a camera but that's o.k. since I primarily use it for talking. It is also cost effective. If you are on a budget or would like to keep your expenses to the bare minimum then you may want to *consider it. *For me though, the cons outweigh the pros so in my opinion I would not strongly influence someone to get it.      


Orlando, FL


Kyocera Wildcard takes abuse and has lots of fun features.


I purchased my Kyocera Wildcard about two years ago and am still pleased with how well it performs. The Kyocera Wildcard can take some serious abuse. I've recently dropped it on the concrete floor of my garage. The back came off and the battery popped out. I had to crawl under my car to get the battery pack. I put the battery back in, replaced the back cover and turned it on and it works perfectly. The phone has a full QWERTY keyboard which was the selling feature for me. I'm a textaholic, but I really hate the limitations of a standard phone keypad for messaging, so the flip open keyboard really works for me. There's also a decent little camera with a flash that takes surprisingly clear pictures. I also like that it's a prepaid phone. That keeps me on budget and avoids any cell phone bill shock. The price is reasonable too, I picked mine up at a local big box retailer for less that a hundred bucks. I'd recommend this phone to anyone with chronic butterfingers, klutzes and parents who are sick of buying their kids a new phone every couple of months. The only drawbacks I have found are that the front screen is vulnerable to scratches and the placement of the lense for the camera could be better. Overall it's a rugged little phone with a lot of fun features for a decent price.    


Minneapolis, MN


Kyocerya Wildcard is a quality phone.


I puchased my Kyocerya Wildcard in 2008 after deciding that I needed to upgrade my cell phone(my previous phone was the most basic, inexpensive Kyocerya that was available for Virgin Mobile and that phone just quit working 1 day). This phone features a full qwerty keyboard, text and picture messaging, and a camera with a flash.  I have been very impressed with my Kyocera Wildcard-it seems to be more durable than other cell phones (I've dropped it once or twice) and fulfills the purposes that I intended to use it for when I bought it (mostly text messaging with an occasional phone call).  It has great sound quality and clarity, meaning I never have trouble hearing the other person and vice versa. I use the scheduler and alarm clock features, both of which have never let me down.  The keyboard is comfortable to use and I enjoy the fact that it has the capability of downoading games or ringtones if I decide to do so.  The battery lasts me a couple of days on a full charge which makes me happy, especially when I see some having to recharge their cell phones once or more per day. The camera leaves something to be desired-photo quality is not what I would like it to be.  Over time the phone has "loosened up"-when it was new it would "snap" shut and stay firmly closed, now it just kind of flops open and closed very easily. Overall, the Wildcard is an excellent phone for people like me who use their mobile for basic functions such as calls and messaging.


La Verne, CA


The Phone Is Really Good


I think this Virgin Mobile phone is one of the best prepaid phones you can find. It's really good to use but it works a lot better outside than it does inside. Thats what I think about the Vigin Mobile Prepaid phone from Kyocera. But I am NO expert.


Greensboro, NC


JAX by Qualcomm - NOT WORTH IT!


This cellphone has not BELLS or WHISTLES and is hard to navigate. The buttons are too small, the ability to just turn on and off is interesting, you cannot find the create your own message for incoming calls, takes too long to charge, low battery life, just all in all a bad phone with little to no options for improvement. While the only attribute I found good was that it was sleek and slimlined. Beyond that, I would never buy a Qualcom phone again from any carrier no matter what they offered me! Seriously, think TWICE or THREE TIMES before you invest in this phone or options or plans!


Bend, OR


Kyocera - Card Cell Phone

3.5 25