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Kyocera - -2x0 Cell Phone

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Kyocera M1000-2x0....OMG AMAZING!!


Ok it was time to buy a new phone about a year ago, i am very hard on phones and expect to buy one yearly. I was given the Kyocera M1000-2x0 as a gift, but i later found out it was around 250.00 ( we had service currently so no discounts applied). I really like the overall style of the phone, with the regular phone on the outside, then when you flip it open there is a FULL keyboard inside:), fantasticfor texting, and i am a texting freak. I pick up prety good service with it, well the best that can be expected with cricket. Now here is the amazing part, this phone is EXTREMELY durable. It has been dropped, thrown by my children, and even dropped into a bucket of water, thats right a BUCKET! Amazingly, it still works fine, no problems at all, i am completely amamzed at how durable this phone is. As i said before i usually buy a phone about once a year, but this year, i think i am just gonna keep my kyocera, it has been wonderful to me and for me. I would recommend this phone to EVERYONE!!

Dayton, OH


Kyocera - -2x0 Cell Phone

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